Freehand Glitter Tattoo - Fireworks


This is a fun and simple design to do for glitter tattoos. It’s fast and fun.  Our town has fireworks every Friday all the way through the fall. You can easily turn this into a flower by omitting the circles on the outside.


tip: You will want to dip your brush in rubbing alcohol in between uses to help keep the glue from drying on the brush.


powder brush
glitter glue
purple glitter
yellow glitter
green glitter
round #4 brush

rubbing alcohol
wash cloth


1. Add a small amount of glitter glue to a container. The lid for my face paints work well for me, I have so many! Next, mix a small amount of a light shade of face paints to the glue and mix together.


2. Using the medium round brush, paint a tear drop to start your design. You will notice the glue feels a lot different than the paint to use.


3. Add three more tear drop shapes, in equal distances apart, coming out from the center.


4. Fill in around those four teardrop shapes. Make sure all the tear drops are pointing towards the center.


5. Starting in the center, add yellow glitter using your finger, or the poof-able glitter bottles.


6. Next, add green then purple on the edges. Make sure it’s good and covered!


7. Sweep away extra glitter using the powder brush. Looks so pretty! They can last up to 3-5 days, and can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol.