Freehand Glitter Tattoo - Sun Design

    sun glitter


    Glitter tattoos are always a big hit especially with the older crowd.  I personally like to do them by hand rather than using a stencil to give it an artistic touch. When you use a brush to do glitter tattoos, you will want to make sure to use a brush that you don’t mind getting glue on, and even may only use for a short while as the glue dries and gets stuck in the brushes. Some people even use disposable brushes one for each gig.


    Yellow glitter
    Orange glitter
    Red glitter

    Light green face paint
    Round #2 brush
    Powder brush

    Glitter glue

    Rubbing alcohol
    Wash cloth


    1.  Pour a small amount of glitter glue into a container. I found the lid to my paints quite handy! Next, add a small amount of face paint to the glue. This will help you to see where you have painted as it dries.


    2. Next, using the #2 brush, draw a spiral where you want to start your design.


    3. Add sun rays to the spiral, spacing out the rays and carefully placing so they align in a pleasing manner.


    4. Continue to add sun rays and fill the circle. Add dots inside the design as well to fill the space.


    6. Cover it up in glitter! I like to start in the middle and work my way out. You can add the glitter using either the poo-fable bottles, or you can use your finger to dab on.  I used yellow in the middle, then orange and then red out the outside. Make sure to cover all the glue with glitter.


    7. Finally sweep the glitter away using a powder brush. Wipe away any stray glitter using wash cloth. So pretty!

    sun glitter