Seahorse Freehand Glitter Tattoo by Francesca Marchitelli

Glitter tattoos can last from 3 -7 days if treated with care, and they are perfect for pool parties, dance clubs, festivals, sweet sixteen's, wedding receptions and hot sweaty days. Avoid hot water, scrubbing and rubbing, using lotions or oils, or picking at the design if you want your designs to last a long time.
Follow these steps to make your beautiful glittery tattoo!

Step 1

Before applying a glitter tattoo, the skin area must be cleaned thoroughly using something like rubbing alcohol.

Draw the sketch with a pen, preferable one that can be easily erased with water in case you make some mistakes. I used the Mehron Paradise Detailz because it helps you draw with precison.

Step 2

Fill the sketch with the glue (I used the Ben Nye Glitter Glue) paying attention to the borders.

Step 3

Pour the glitter powder (I used the Amerikan Body Art Opaque Glitter Grape Soda and Holographic Gold) on the sketch making some and shades and decorations. You can use just one color, or use a lot of colors. Just remember that the more colors that you add, the longer it will take to create the design.

Step 4

Let it dry for 10-15 minutes or use a hair dryer to let it dry quickly. Gently remove the excess glitter powder with a soft brush and you will reveal your beautiful glittery tattoo.

Your tattoo is ready! Spread your sparkles to the world!

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Detailz in White 
Ben Bye Glitter Glue 
Amerikan Body Art Opaque Glitter in Grape Soda 


Francesca Marchietelli is a professional face painter from Italy. A self-taught artist, Francesca loves the arts, and everything to do with face painting!

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