Ben Nye Glitter Glue (1 oz / 29 ml)

Ben Nye Glitter Glue (1 oz / 29 ml)

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Ben Nye Glitter Glue is an alcohol based adhesive that keeps loose glitter, such as Ben Nye glitter or sequins, firmly in place yet it washes off with water. 1 ounce bottle of Ben Nye Glitter Glue includes applicator brush.

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each 1 ounce Ben Nye Glitter Glue gives 20-75 applications.

How Do I Apply & Remove This Product?
Brush on Ben Nye Glitter Glue with the included brush, then tap on glitter using a small powder brush or your finger. Use caution around the eye area, this alcohol based product may cause a slight burning sensation.

Remove with soap and water. Ben Nye products may stain fabrics. Try cleaning stained fabric with a product like Oxyclean, but stains may be permanent.

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