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Princess Pink Chunky Glitter Mix contains a blend of different sizes of large-cut, cosmetic grade polyester glitter in light pink, for sheer coverage with holographic effect. Princess Pink is great for adding glitzy accents for princess, fairy or similar fantasy designs. Also comes as part of Purity Glitter StackAlso available in a creamy base or as a glitter gel for easier application. 

Comes in 10 gm or 30 gm jar with screwable top lids that enables 
easy stacking for storage and transportation. Please note that 10 gm / 30 gm is the size of the jar. The actual weight of the glitter itself is approximately 7.5 gm / 25 gm respectively. Exact glitter weight can vary depending on density of specific particles used.

How Do I Apply?

Chunky glitters can be applied over wet face paint designs or directly on skin by using a glitter glue or gel.

Glitter glue like Ben Nye Glitter Glue or VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue can be used to ensure strong adhesion of chunky glitter over skin or over face paint designs.

Apply glitter glue or gel. Tap glitter on to tacky glue base using a brush, silicone applicator or spatula. Spritz a small amount of water on a smoothie blender such as Mehron Paradise Smoothie blender or disposable swabs and then dip it into glitter to take a right amount and dab on.

Dust off any stray glitter with the smoothie blender or brush.

You can also mix chunky glitter with a gel base to create a paint-on glitter gel.

How Do I Remove

Loosen the application using soap and wash off with water. 

Vivid Glitters are made in the USA, using cosmetic grade polyester and is safe to use on face, body or hair. Chunky Glitters are not recommended by FDA for use as eye makeup. Extra care is recommended for use in face, avoiding direct contact with eyelids and near by area. Not recommended for children as small glitter pieces pose a choking hazard.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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