VIVID Glitter Build Your Own Kit (Pick 3+ Colors)

Pick any three or more colors in this set at a 10% discount than buying the colors individually! Discount will be applied to price shown below once the product is added to the bundle. Once you have added the bundle to cart, you can always click on the bundle in the cart, to edit it and change.

VIVID Glitters are available in vibrant colors of fine or chunky glitter to sparkley up your body art. Chunky Glitters by Vivid Glitter are large-cut, cosmetic grade polyester glitter. Each jar comes in a 10 gm size. 

Neon glitter particles will create special effects with their fluorescent glow under UV light. Made of only polyester glitter without any aluminum, this colorful mix can be used for sparkling up your body art. 

Glitter Gels are easy to apply by just painting on, and does not require any glue or adhesive.