Glitter Applicators

Check out our easy tools for applying glitter or powder in your face and body designs. Some of these can be used for easy storage of glitter when not in use and for effective dispersal during face and body painting. Additionally, you can find glitter glue applicators, which are indispensable for precision application of glue for your glitter designs!


Amerikan Body Art Empty Poof Glitter Bottle (1/2 oz) $1.00
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Art Factory Detail Glitter Silicone Applicator $3.80
Qosmedix Empty Large Glitter Spray Bottle w/ Locking Nozzle $4.20
Amerikan Body Art Glue Applicator Vial - Empty $2.40
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Art Factory Glitter Silicone Applicator $4.00
Paradise Smoothie Blender Brush $8.95 $9.95
Amerikan Body Art sKweEZie Bottle (No Metal Tip) $2.12
Amerikan Body Art Skweezie Bottle Metal Applicator Tips (2/pack) $3.00 - $3.40
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Dual Ended Point/Round Tip Disposable Eye Shadow Applicator $1.20 - $6.00
Qosmedix Economy Angled Spatula - 3" $0.75 - $2.60
Qosmedix Empty Clear Fine Mist Glitter Spray Bottle $3.50
Clear Round Threaded Jar (10 gm) $0.50
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Qosmedix Sphere Shaped Head Mascara Wand (10/Pack) $2.00