Makeup Wheels & Palettes

Makeup Wheels and Palettes can be used to create a lot of special effects makeup. They come with the right combination of colors for effective simulation of wounds, bruises, injuries and more.


Mehron Tri Color Clown Makeup Palette 403-C $6.95 $7.90
Mehron Bruise Makeup Wheel (505-B) $13.95 $15.90
Kryolan Burn & Injury Cream Color Circle 1307 $19.50
Kryolan Bruise Cream Color Circle 1304 $19.50
Ben Nye Color Makeup Wheel - RB (Red, White, Black) $28.00
Mehron Clown Makeup Kit $16.95 $19.90
Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel (EW-4) $28.00
Mehron 5 Color Clown Makeup Palette 406 $9.95 $11.95
Ben Nye Color Makeup Wheels - Rainbow RW (6 Colors) $28.00
Ben Nye Color Makeup Wheels - Witch (4 Colors) $20.00
Graftobian Zombie Makeup Wheel $30.00
Ben Nye Death Makeup Wheel Makeup (DW) $28.00
Kryolan UV Cream Color Circle 05076/00 $22.85
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Ben Nye Monster Makeup Wheels (MW) $20.00
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Kryolan Zombie Cream Color Circle 1306 $20.95
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Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Wheel (6 Colors) $20.00
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Ben Nye Ultimate FX Creme Color Palette (18 colors) $80.00
Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kit - Auguste $25.00
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Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kit - Whiteface $25.00
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Ben Nye Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit - White Face $40.00
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