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Ben Nye Whiteface Clown Makeup Kits are ideal for beginners or for on-the-go. Ben Nye Whiteface Clown Makeup Kit is packed with high quality makeup and applicators that makes your next clown makeup easy.

What does Ben Nye Clown Whiteface Kit include?
0.5 oz. Creme Foundation Clown White Lite,
0.5 oz. Clown Palette (Black/Blue/Red/Yellow),
White Eyeliner Pencil,
2 Latex Wedge Sponges,
3/8" Flat Brush,
3" 0.5 oz. Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover and
Color directions.

Please note that grease makeup cannot be removed easily with just soap and water as normal face paint. Please read detailed instructions below on application and removal of grease makeup.
How Do I Apply & Remove Grease Makeup?
How to apply:
Prepare the skin by washing it with soap and water to remove dirt and oil; use an astringent if needed.

Apply grease makeup starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest color. Outline areas with a grease pencil and fill away from the lines for crisp divisions, or overlap dark on light for blended areas like a beard. For large areas of one color, pat the makeup with your sponge or fingers to smooth out streaks and even makeup application. For special effects, layer the makeup to build the desired effect.

Set the makeup with powder using either a powder puff or a powder sock (take a clean sock, put about a half cup of powder in it and tie a knot). Always have your subject close eyes and exhale while powdering. Powder gets EVERYWHERE, so it's helpful to powder outside if possible. Fold the powder sock or puff together or turn it between pats on your face to avoid the transfer of colors. Remove excess powder with a soft brush or cloth.

Keep your makeup out of heat or extreme cold. Use a different sponge or brush for each color. Keep makeup containers closed between applications and especially during powdering - powder on your makeup will ruin it!

How to remove:
Remove your grease makeup after the event is over, as leaving makeup on for more than a few hours can irritate skin, plus it may stain the skin or fabrics.

To remove grease makeup, wipe away the face paint with an oil based makeup remover or cold cream. For hard-to-remove colors, such as red, use a little olive oil warmed for 20 seconds in the microwave - rub in and let soak a few moments before wiping off.

After makeup removal, wash your face with a gentle cleanser to clean the remaining oil and grease makeup so that it doesn't clog your pores.

When face painting with grease makeup at a pool party, be sure to give a slip with removal instructions to parents!
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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