Creative Faces Glitter Sticks

Creative Faces Glitter Sticks, made by Andrea Moje and Gina Boyd, come in a range of amazing color selections to add sparkling accents to your face and body art. Creative Faces Glitter is made of all natural ingredients that are safe to use on skin. Glitter Sticks have chunky glitter particles in a balmy base that can be applied over face paint designs or used stand alone for amazing effects. No need for glitter glue or adhesive.

Do not apply or rub directly from the stick over skin, as the product has pointy glitter particles that can scratch the skin. Apply using fingers and spread out using a flat brush, angle brush or filbert brush. For applying over large areas, use a wedge or sponge for spreading out.

Creative Faces Glitter Set
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Gina Boyd has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2016 and yet has continued her work with passion. A part of proceeds from sale of glitter sticks will benefit her cancer treatments.