Build Your Own Set Of 3+ Creative Faces Glitter Sticks (10% Savings)

Save 10% on a set of 3 or more Creative Faces Glitter Sticks!

Creative Faces Glitter Stick is a mix of cosmetic polyester glitter in an all natural balmy base, with the same consistency as eye shadow. Glitter Sticks are easy to apply, creamy, chunky glitter that can be used to sparkle up your face, body or hair instantaneously. Each stick - Net wt 3.5 gm, Vol 4.5 ml.

Glitter can be easily applied over completed face paint designs without smearing themDo not apply directly from the stick on to the skin, or rub on to skin directly from the stick, as the product has pointy glitter pieces that can scratch the skin. Creative Faces Glitter with its waxy consistency similar to that of a lip balm will stick without requiring additional glue and can be used stand alone for glittery accents.