Amerikan Body Art Build Your Own Pixie Paint Kit (Pick 3+ Colors)

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Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint is a unique blend of chunky and fine polyester glitter in an aloe glitter gel base. Pixie Paint is a versatile glitter gel that can be used to sparkle up your face, body or hair in a variety of ways, may it be sparkling face paint accents, cute cheek designs, glitter roots or heavy designs like festival designs, parties or dance clubs.

The opacity of the coverage can be easily controlled by the way in which Pixie Paint is applied. In order to achieve a thicker coverage, apply some loose polyester glitter after applying pixie paint, while the paint is still wet.

Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint provides a durable coverage, yet can be easily removed with just water. Available in 1 ounce jar.