Webinar: Paint and Sparkle with Jacqueline Howe

 In this webinar, learn Paint and Sparkle with Jacqueline Howe!


Design 1

So I’m just gonna get a little teardrop sponge and put a little bit of the teal color just on the tip, and then I’m gonna go with a deeper green on the other side. I’m gonna bring this teal up a little bit like that (above the eyebrow). We’re gonna go kind of towards her partition of her bangs. I like to paint very asymmetrical because there’s really nothing to mess up when you do that.

While I'm there, I like to put some glitter on that.I'm going to spritz water on a smoothie blender and I'm just gonna put it on her eyes.

The next step is I'm going to get one of my favorite brushes which is Marcela Bustamante's 5/8" Angle brush. I'm using a cake that will be out soon. We're gonna start pointing towards her partition and just kind of bring that in and I'm just gonna kind of freestyle it a little bit. I'm basically just pressing and pulling to a point. And then I'm gonna do a few little swirls.

Sometimes yellow is very transparent so what I like to do is I get some neon yellow and I mix it with a little bit of white. I'm just gonna do nice curvy teardrops and I'm gonna kind of follow that flow, creating almost like a C shape. Just freestyling swirls, y'know? Just do wherever you feel the direction of the flow is going. 

Then I'm gonna grab my Blazin Flora brush. I'm just loading the very tip of the brush with a nice dark blue while I still have the white. I'm just gonna add a few little flowers to that. I'm just being very random with this, wherever I see a nice little spot opening. I always love to do petals right in the inner corner of the eyes.

Let's go ahead and start putting some of this Aloha glitter. I love to use Glitz Glitter Glue. I like to apply a little bit on the tops of the cheekbones and wherever I see a focal point.

I think we should put some lips on her. I'm using a disposable lip applicator to apply lipstick. I'll use that same split cake that I've applied for the flames. Amazing!



Design 2

So I'm spraying a Kraze petal sponge and I'm gonna start with some white right in the middle. I always start on the nose and just work my way out. I'm gonna go ahead and just kinda mark my area where the ears are gonna be. 

When I do my kitty cats, I like to use cakes that have white or whatever the same color is that I put on the nose so that way it blends really nicely. So I just threw that purple right there on her nose. I can even use that on her lips.

At this point, I'm gonna go ahead and use another one of my amazing split cakes that I created using Kraze paints and Marcela's 1" Flat Brush. I'm gonna put a little rainbow on the forehead 'cause why not?

Then I'm gonna use a #3 Round and I'm going to load up with black so we can start doing a little bit of tracing. I just traced a little ear right there. It was literally just perfectly laid out for you; you're just tracing it. I'm also going to try to make it look cute and fuzzy and I usually do a couple little teardrops. I always try to put a little black on her nose.

Then I'm going to go ahead and stencil in some stars. I'm going to put glitter on it so I'm gonna have my purple glitter open. I'm using Starry Cluster by VIVID Stencils, but you can use any star stencil that you have. I'm just gonna lay that down over the rainbow. I am going to grab some of that purple glitter before I take this off and it'll stick to that black paint.

The next step is I'm just gonna do a little bit more line work with my kitty cat. We're going to put a few more little swirls, put a little eyeliner, some nice teardrops.

Let's put a little more sparkle on that. I'm gonna use Princess Pink and apply some right down the nose, anywhere you see a little area that you might want to add a little sparkle to.



Design 3

So I'm gonna go ahead and use a regular one stroke. Start on one side and then flip it over and use the darker side on the other side. That's basically what I do to start off any princess crown. I'm just gonna keep flipping back and forth a little bit, trying to be symmetrical.

I'm going straight to a #4 Round brush and white just to do the teardrops and line work. I'm just adding swirls wherever I see fit. Sometimes I do them forward, sometimes I do it backward. Make it look like it's gonna kinda curve in. In the middle, I kind of feel like we want it to do little dots to connect that. 

Then I'm gonna use the same one stroke and brush and just paint her lips with it and give it that same nice ombre look.

I'm just gonna add some Blazin Unicorn glitter. I'm just gonna pick up some of that with an applicator and just put it right in the middle to give it a gem look. And I like to make a nice little arch sometimes over the princess design with my glitter. I'm also gonna add a little more to highlight her cheekbones. I’m just magically putting it everywhere I want.

So this is a design that you can do super quick and you didn't even have to paint her eyes 'cause sometimes kids don't want you to paint on their eyelids or they really move around a lot and you just wanna be quicker, you can do that!



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Silly Farm Brush Bath
Blazin Brush 5/8" Long Angle Brush
Blazin Brush #6 Flora Flat Brush
VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue
VIVID Glitter Aloha Chunky Glitter Mix
Kraze FX High Density Petal Sponge
Blazin Brush 1" Flat Brush
VIVID Stencil Starry Cluster
VIVID Glitter Violet Flash
VIVID Glitter Gleam Princess Pink
Blazin Brush 3/4" Long Angle Brush
VIVID Glitter Gleam Blazin Unicorn



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