Silly Farm Brush Bath/Cleaner Spray

Silly Farm (FAB)


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Silly Farm Brush Bath is a high quality, 100% organic cleanser that can be used to sanitize your face paint brushes and sponges during face painting. Brush Bath can be used to remove makeup or face paint from your brushes after face painting. Great to keep your brushes clean and fresh. Just spray on brushes in between face painting to keep the brushes hygienic throughout the session. Ideal for sanitizing your brushes and sponges in group events, parties etc. Comes in a 4 ounce spray bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Brumbaugh

Smells great! Works as advertised. Best new addition to the kit

Brush bath is a NECESSITY.

This soap, sprayed in your rinse water is going to change your game and add valuable time to your gigs! Even with the darkest, stubbornest colors, BB pulled the paint out and drags it to the bottom of the rinse bucket. It cleans fast enough and thoroughly enough to go from black to white without messing up your white paint. I can't love this enough. I have the dual sided brush bucket, so I wash in one side, rinse in the other, and I use one of the lids from my paints to hold clean brush water for painting. Works AMAZINGLY

Sharon Lippert

Everyone's favorite! I think every face painter uses this.

Catherine Black

It cleans and conditions my brushes so they stay in nice shape.