Webinar: Valentine's Day Designs with Elaine Goh

In this webinar, learn Valentine's Day Designs with Elaine Goh!



Design #1

So I'm using a custom green one stroke but you can use any green one stroke that you like. The next thing I'm going to do is the heart in the middle with Bloodberry one stroke fromthe Kraze Splash palette and a finger dauber. I'm gonna use this Diva Demi Love stencil 'cause I'm not very good at doing hearts and getting it symmetrical. I might do all my base colors first so I'm gonna do some flowers because I'm gonna be doing some line work afterwards so I'd like everything to be quite dry.

So I like to have one petal going in the direction of that green and then one on the other side; the focal points.

If you didn't want to outline it later, you can now by getting black on the tip of your brush. I'm going to do leaves.

So now I'm gonna do line work with Round #2 American Painter Series 4000 and Wolfe Black. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna work from top to bottom and try not to smudge this. I like my swirls. It doesn't really particularly have a lot of detail. The greens here don't take very long. You don't have to outline everything. So that's my design!



Design #2

I'm actually gonna use Wildflowers from Face Paints Australia with a petal sponge. What you do to get around the eye is just give it a squish so it makes that sort of curve. 

Then I will do the heart in the middle using the same Diva stencil. I'll use Sundown from the Kraze Splash palette

I'm using Wolfe White and I'm gonna do the outlines, doing thin to thick to thin. I love doing double lines. I'm also doing swirls, double swirls, and dots.

So next thing I'm gonna use is the stencil with hearts from the Ultimate GraffitiEyes Stencil Kit and I'm gonna apply it white.

Then I'm gonna outline. So I'm gonna use black but you can use another color if you want to, like a wine color or purple. Something that goes with that color scheme. Let's start with the heart. Do thin to thick to thin because that makes everything look better and more interesting. I'm not gonna outline both sides of the lines because that ends up looking too dark. Just make it really nice and light. I'm just gonna outline that heart just a little bit. That's it for this one!



Design #3

I'm going to use Prima Barton's 3/4" Flat brush and another custom one stroke. If you wanna get a bit more contrast, I'm just gonna tap a bit of black again slightly on the tip of it. Always think about your focal points towards the cheek, towards the intermediate eye focal point.

I like to use contrasting colors so first I used warm colors, then I'm gonna use, cool colors.

Now I'm gonna use Diva's Forehead Henna Bits stencil. Get some white and I'm just gonna use the outer edges (of one of the designs on the stencil). I also used the heart stencil and Topaz Stencils' Isabella's Crown.

Then I'm just gonna do some double dips (petals) and then I'm done. [Actually in the design above I had some hearts but I don't have that stencil here]. I'm using the Enchanted Petal Brush.

On the job I would probably leave some of that stencil work out and add glitter instead. This is the UV Essential Glitter Balm. When I add glitter, I don't like to add too much. There we go! I think this is my favorite one, actually. The colors are so pretty.



Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Diva Stencils - Demi Love
Loew-Cornell American Painter Round #2
GraffitiEyes Stencil Kit - Ultimate GraffitiEyes
Diva Stencils - Forehead Henna Bits
Topaz Stencils - Isabella's Crown
Kraze FX Splash 12 One Stroke Palette
Prima Barton 3/4" Flat Brush
Prima Barton 3/4" Angle Brush
Loew-Cornell American Painter 1/2" Short Angle Brush
Wolfe Black
Sally-Ann Lynch Practice Boards
Face Paints Australia Wildflowers
Wolfe White
Mehron Mark Reid Signature #2 Round Brush
UV Essential Glitter Balm Palette



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