Top 5 Skeleton Face Paint Designs & Videos

    Halloween is just weeks away, and that means it's time to step up your makeup game! And what better way to celebrate this spooky holiday than with a skeleton face paint design?

    We've compiled a list of our top 5 skeleton face paint designs, and there's something for everyone! We have a half skeleton design, kids skeleton design, easy skeleton face paint, and even glow in the dark skeleton face paint. 

    These designs are perfect as Halloween makeup, or for any party or event! When painting a skeleton, it's important to remember a few important aspects. The skeleton teeth, the eye sockets, black eyeliner, and of course, the ornate details if you're doing a sugar skull design.

    Top 5 Skeleton Face Paint Designs & Video

    #1. Frida Khalo Skull Video by Ana Cedoviste

    Check out this amazing Frida Khalo Skull video by Ana Cedoviste and you'll quickly be mesmerized!

    The allure of Frida Khalo's flamboyant beauty is eternal, just look at this macabre skull makeup!

    Products Used:

    Mehron Paradise Black
    Mehron Paradise White  mixed with Paradise Light Brown
    Pressed Powder Eye Shadow in:
    Stone (Brown)
    Smoke (Gray)
    Charcoal (Dark Gray or Black)
    Pink Blush

    Fine Point Brush
    1/2 inch Filbert Brush
    Medium Powder Brush
    Small Round Brush
    1/2 inch Angle Brush

    #2. Half Skeleton Face Paint Design by Zuri FX

    Half Skeleton Face Paint

    This super fun and playful skeleton design is easy to replicate and works well on both kids and adults! Follow Zuri in this tutorial:

    Step 1: 
    I used a sponge to apply Mehron starblend on my eye area. Covering the eye lid and underneath the eye. Filling in as much as possible. 

    Step 2:
    I grabbed a makeup sponge. Sprayed the white face paint with water. Just to make sure sponge is not to wet. With a dabbing motion. I applied the white face paint in a skull shape. 

    Step 3: 
    Round brushing I am outlining my skull. Not exactly making straight lines. But rather curvy to give a more realistic look. 

    Step 4: 
    Again taking my sponge and using Mehron starblend I give the skull some dimension. By randomly shading and blending some black into my skull. 

    Step 5: 
    Taking a small detailing brush. I created some vain looking white lines. Randomly drawing small veins for more detail. 

    #3. Glow in the Dark Skeleton Face Paint Video by Francesca


    In this video tutorial, face paint artist Francesca shows us how to do a glow in the dark skeleton face paint design, better known as a calavera. Follow along with Francesca to create your very own skull face paint design, or do your own variation for a unique spin!

    Products Used:

    Cameleon - Neon Pink Flamingo UV face Paint
    Cameleon - Neon Toxic Yellow UV face Paint
    Cameleon - Neon Starlight White Blacklight UV face Paint
    Cameleon - Baseline Black Velvet face Paint
    Cameleon - Blue Metallic Victoriouse face Paint

    #4. Simple Rose Skeleton Face Paint Design by Marina

    Skeleton Face Paint Design

    Skulls are usually a popular boy design.This is the one I use on the job for boys and girls,kids or adults,but the difference is only in the stencils that are used.Often I'm asking client what would they want and show them few stencils.So here we have great skull base that will work for everyone. 

     Step 1 : Painting Around Eyes
    When I'm painting adults or bigger kids I use split cakes and a 3/4 flat brush,but with smaller kids, I would use round brush No8 and then Mehron starblend white or black to fill the area around the eyes.This time I used Kraze FX Split Cake Palette-Shark.

    Step 2 : Blending and Filling The Eye Area
    Having paint on the eyelids often means you will get smudged or uneven layers of color (left side of picture).To prevent that, I use  Mehron starblend powder paint to fill that area and blend it all nicely (right side of picture).Kids feel more comfortable with "dry paint" and it won't smudge as fast as water activated paint.

     Step 3 : Creating a Skull Shape
    With the same  Kraze FX Split Cake Palette-Shark, I'm creating a basic skull shape and then with Lollipop Swab and powder paint, fill in the gaps and blend our skull.

    Step 4 : Painting The Teeth
    For teeth I'm using my all time favorite Prima Barton flora brush .Double loading as we would do for flowers is done with Kraze FX white and black.

    Step 5 : Adding Details

    This is time when we can be creative.Stencils are a great way to make our simple skull design more special and we have so many choices depending on time of  and the clients' wishes. I added a roses stencil,so it's a girls' design,when it's for boys, I would add dots or flames or just a swipe of blue split cake above the eyelids.

    #5. Skeleton Face Paint Mask Video by Ana Cedoviste


    With Halloween right around the corner, this skull mask video tutorial by Ana Cedoviste is sure to get everyone's attention! Follow along with the video to copy this look, or add you own touches for your own unique design. 

    Products Used:

    Mehron Paradise White 
    Mehron Paradise Black 
    Mehron Paradise Light Brown 
    Pressed Powder Shadow in Black 
    Pressed Powder Shadow in Brown 
    Non-toxic Glue Stick & Powder Foundation for eyebrows
    Fine Round Brush 
    Medium Filbert Brush 
    Small Flat Brush 
    Small Powder Brush