Floral Skull Face Paint Design Video by Ana Cedoviste

Check out this beautiful floral skill design by Ana Cedoviste! Follow along with Ana to recreate this one-of-a-kind floral skull, because after all, not all skulls have to be scary or gory.

In this video, Ana shows us how to create a floral skull face paint design. So follow along with her and create the same design, or create your own version with a unique twist! 

Products Used:

Snazaroo Black Face Paint - Black 111 (0.6 oz/18 ml)
Paradise Face Paints - Red R
Paradise Green Face Paints - Dark Green DGR 

Floral Skull Face Paint

My name is Ana but on social media I use the nickname "Cedoviste," which is a combination of two words in my language: čedo (kid, child) and čudoviše (monster), and I really am monster kid - creative, silly, cheerful but also strange, creepy and scary.

I am a self-taught artist living in Montenegro, a very, very small country on the Balkans (former Yugoslavia) with around 660.000 citizens. It is very rare for people here to do body art professionally, so I work a full time job in HR and body art is my hobby that takes time as much as full time job. :D

My favorite type of expression illusion makeup body art. I just love making illusions and seeing people's reactions. I also enjoy creating different characters that are just perfect for Halloween season.

To see more of Cedoviste's amazing art, visit her Instagram -