Glow in the Dark Skull Face Paint Video Tutorial by Francesca Marchitelli

In this video tutorial, face paint artist Francesca shows us how to do a glow in the dark skeleton face paint design, better known as a calavera. Follow along with Francesca to create your very own skull face paint design, or do your own variation for a unique spin!

Products Used:

Cameleon - Neon Pink Flamingo UV face Paint
Cameleon - Neon Toxic Yellow UV face Paint
Cameleon - Neon Starlight White Blacklight UV face Paint
Cameleon - Baseline Black Velvet face Paint
Cameleon - Blue Metallic Victoriouse face Paint

UV Skull Face Paint

Francesca Marchietelli is a professional face painter from Italy. A self-taught artist, Francesca loves the arts, and everything to do with face painting!

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