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Santa Mask Face Paint Desin by Belén Te Pinta

Posted by Belén te Pinta on

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  • Today I'm going to show you how to paint a different Santa Claus mask. As you know I love designs you can use on the job and always try to avoid painting on the mouth area, so this is my take for a different kind of Santa.

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    Santa's Hat Face Paint Design by Linnéa Önnerby Novak

    Posted by Linnéa Önnerby Novak on

  • Tags: Amerikan Body Art, Cameleon, Christmas, Diamond FX, FAB paint, Glitter, Holidays & Seasons, Linnéa Önnerby Novak, Loew Cornell, Mama Clown, One Stroke, Santa, Stencils
  • Linnéa Önnerby Novak will show you how to create this Santa's hat face paint design with this step by step tutorial. Perfect to use on the job for everyone!

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    Quick and Easy Santa Claus Face Paint

    Posted by Marta Ortega Lopez on

  • Tags: BAM Stencils, Christmas, Easy Designs, Holidays & Seasons, Marta Ortega Lopez, Santa, Tutorials
  • Hello everyone! Christmas is here! And today I'm going to show you step by step how to paint this quick Santa Claus face paint design, perfect for job events! And if you want to recreate it, don't forget to tag me on social media! 

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    Santa's Gifts Face Paint Design Video by Athena Zhe

    Posted by FP Admin on

  • Tags: Athena Zhe, Christmas, Designs, Eye Design, Holidays & Seasons, Santa, Videos
  • Christmas won't be complete without Santa and his gifts. So, Athena shows us a cute design to remind Santa that we're expecting his gifts this Christmas!

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    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Melissa Perez

    Posted by Melissa Perez on

  • Tags: Characters, Christmas, Easy Designs, Holidays & Seasons, Kids, Melissa Perez, Santa
  • Tis the season for holiday face painting! So to get ready, I used a little holiday magic to whip up this quick and easy Santa Claus design. 

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