Santa's Hat Face Paint Design by Linnéa Önnerby Novak

A design that fits everyone? Santa's hat! It doesn't matter how old you are or if you are a boy or a girl, Santa's hat face paint design is a great and easy choice for everyone! 

Step 1: Outline Your Design

Use a red and black one stroke and a 5/8" brush to create the shape of the hat.

Step 2: Fill in Santa's Hat

Fill in Santa´s hat with a glycerin based red paint and a sponge. 

Step 3: Add White

Paint the white parts with a glycerin based paint and a filbert brush.

Step 4: Create a Fluffy Texture

Use a rake brush and waxy white paint to create the fluffy texture on the hat's white parts. Make light circle moves to create this texture.

Step 5: Line Work

Use a no 2 round brush and waxy based black and white for line work and highlights.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Put on some pink rouge on the cheeks and on the tip of the nose for a cold winter feeling. Paint some red on the lips and poof some large cut fairy dust on top. Add some snowflakes using a snowflake stencil, a finger sponge and waxy based white, try on the hand first, to make sure the paint isn't too wet. Finish it off with some glitter creme. 

Products Used:

Cameleon one stroke "Gypsy"
Superstar/FAB "Carmine Red"
Superstar/FAB "White"
Diamond FX "Black"
Diamond FX "White"
Pink Rouge

Mama Clown Large Cut Fairy Dust glitter
Amerikan Body Art Glitter creme "Biosphere"

Tools Used:

5/8" Angle Brush
Petal Shaped Sponge from Always Wicked
Loew Cornell 795 No 2 Round Brush
Finger Sponge
Diva Stencil 945 (sub. BAM 1036)
Rouge Brush

 Linnéa lives in the south part of Sweden with her husband and two children. Linnéa has a facepainting company in Sweden called Linnéas AnsiktsmålningShe started to facepaint in 2016, and she is now a certified facepainter with honour from Olga Murasev´s International Face Painting School. You might have seen her in different facepainting forums, pages and in magazines such as QMagazine and Wet Paint Magazine.
Linnéa really loves everything about this industry, and she likes to challenge herself and keep on growing as an artist and as a instructor.

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