Webinar: Christmas Designs & Using Stencils With Pam Kinneberg


Blake Cabot, the owner of, is joined by Pam Kinneberg who will show us some Christmas designs made with Kraze FX face paints and stencils!

Poinsettia Face Paint Design

Poinsettie Face Paint Design

We're going to start with a poinsettia design, which will be a one eye design, and I'm going to start by adding color to her eyelid using Elisa Griffith's powders. This can be done in many different ways, but for this one I'm just going to use powders because they give a really nice, soft effect. I'm going to give a little dimension by putting down some dark blue on the outside corner of the eyelid. If you want to make it sparkly, there's a white shimmery powder that you can add on top of the eyeshadow.

Now I'm going to paint the poinsettia. For the rest of the designs, I'll be using Kraze FX face paints, but for this poinsettia I'll be using a couple of split cakes that I made myself. This one has a burgundy, a red, a gold, and a yellow in it.

The first thing I'm going to do when I start this design, is just give myself a little map as to where my petals will go. I'm using a 3/4" flat brush from Mark Reid. When you start, just put a few little lines down with the end of your brush, to give yourself an idea of where your petals are going to go. I've got five little lines to help guide me.

Now I'm going to load up my brush with the full split cake, and I'm going to swipe it over white paint to dull it down a little bit, and then I'm going to go in and paint my lighter colored petals. When I paint them, I move my brush around to give the edge a serrated look. I'm going to do the next petal, and the rest of the petals as well.

I'm going to reload my brush again and this time, I will not add white to the brush. I'm just going to put a couple more petals. So there you have it - some petals are a little lighter, and some petals are a little darker. And that's the base of my poinsettia.

Then I will add a couple of leaves in there using the same brush with this one stroke that I made with some greens and blues in it. I'm keeping the dark color on the outside of my leaves. People can do it either way, but I prefer to keep the dark on the outside. I'm also going to make sure that all of the leaves move in towards the eye, circling around the eye, rather than moving out from it.

The stencil that I'm going to use (I will be using two for this design) is a Boomerang stencil which has some great leaves on it. The sponges that I really like to use for stenciling are these half moon yellow ones because they're a little bit denser and they seem to work better for me.

The whole trick with stencils is to not have your sponge too wet. When you are loading your sponge, you want to load it until the sponge sticks to the paint, and that way you know it's not too wet. So if you slightly lift up the sponge from the paint and you feel a sticking sensation, then it's perfect. So I'm just going to place this part of the stencil over the center of the flower and then go ahead and just dab it.

I'm going to use the other design on the stencil now, and I'm going to do a little branch right at the top. I'm using dark brown paint for this. Then I'm going to do another one at the bottom. One thing with using stencils, is it works much better on the skin than it does on practice boards. When you are tapping the color into them, you can just rub the sponge across the stencil rather than tapping it, and that spreads color around really good, but on the practice boards, it almost takes the color off.

Now I'm going to put on some snowflakes, and I'll be using another Boomerang stencil, and it is called Frozen Snowflakes. I'm going to be using white for the snowflakes and I'm going to be applying glitter on top of them to make them shiny and glittery. So I use the paint on one end, and the glitter on the other end of the sponge. I spray the whole sponge with water (I never spray my cakes, only my sponges) and I'm going to load my sponge with the Kraze FX white face paint. I'm going to put the stencil right on top of the eyebrow, over my leaves, and tap the paint onto the stencil.

Then I'm going to take this Mama Clown irridescent white glitter and load it up on the other side of the sponge. I'm going to tap this right over the stencil, so my glitter is only going to go where the stencil is, and will not get over the whole design.

The other thing I always carry is one of these unicorn brushes, and I use them to clean off excess glitter from the kids' faces.

Then I'm going to repeat this process at the bottom of the design. When doing an eye design like this, you always want to make sure that it always goes towards the center.

Just to finish this up, I am going to use Kraze FX red face paint and I'll put some little red dots on the ends of these little branches.

Teddy Bear Face Paint Design

Teddy Bear Face Paint Design

For our next design, we'll do a teddy bear and I'm going to use the Kraze FX Nebula split cake and sponge it onto the eyelids. Then I'm going to use the Kraze FX Tardis split cake with my 3/4" flat brush and to make my teddy bear, I'm going to start right in the center and rotate my brush around in a semi-circle. So I'm just making two arches with this one stroke. I lay my brush down to make the ears and rotate it around. Then I'll come around the other side and make a little backwards "C" and end up by the corner of the eye. I'll do the same thing on the other side. And it's always really nice at this time to spray this with a blue crystal glitter, which you can spray over the entire design.

Then I'm going to come in and put a little nose and some eyes. Now I'm going to use a 1310 BAM stencil and I'm going to use it with the same sponge that I used for the eyelids, and I'm just going to tap this right underneath the outer corners of the eyes.

To create a fuzzy look on the teddy bear, I'll take a #2 or a #3 round brush and using white, I'll paint little tear drops that come down all the way around the teddy bear's head, ears, and paws. Then I'll add a little highlight in each of the eyes.

You can leave it like that, but if you want, you can add some cute little snowflake gems.

Christmas Kitty Face Paint Design

Christmas Kitty Face Paint Design

For our next design, we'll do a white cat. I'm going to go back in with the same color on the eyelids as I used for the teddy bear design.

Then I'm going to use a pet stencil, and I use this cat one a lot and I love it! This is going to be a Christmas cat and I'm going to put the little head right in the middle of the forehead. I'm going to pick up some white face paint with my sponge, and this is where I'm going to show the powders on a stencil, when I get to the kitty face.

So I've got the white on my sponge, and I'll just dab down on top of the stencil. Now I'm going to paint a scarf and I'm using Kraze FX light blue face paint and a filbert brush. The scarf is going to go down right over the eyebrow on each side to create a symmetrical design. With the scarf, I'm going to put tassles on the ends, so I'm making sure these ends are squared off, but that they also come down to the corner of the eye.

I'm just going put some dark blue face paint to the scarf, just to give it some depth and dimension. I'm going to give the kitten a little red hat now.

I'm going to be using a dauber to pick up some Kraze FX dark blue face paint. Then I'm going to lay the stencil down on part of the scarf to give it some detail. I press down and turn, and will do the same thing to the other side of the scarf. I'm also going to lay down a stencil on the hat.

Here's what I would like to show you with the Starblend powder. I also have this flat kabuki brush where the end is flat and not rounded. This brush works really well with the powders. I'm going to use a stencil for a little kitten face which I will place right over the head. I tap my brush into the black powder, and tap off the excess. Now circle the brush around in the stencil. I found that circling the brush like this is a better way to get that powder into the stencil. You have to sort of be heavy handed when using powders, because then it will be nice and black when you're done.

It takes practice, it's not perfect. I always keep an old brush around to do some dry brushing with. So I'll be using this dry brush which I've wetted just slightly, and using Kraze FX red face paint, I'll give some cheeks to the kitty.

Now I'm going to outline this design with black face paint. With white, I'm going to add little tassles to my scarf. For the tassles, just do tear drops on the ends of the scarf. Then add a few highlights to the design and finish off with some starbursts.

Penguin Face Paint Design

Penguin Face Paint Design

I am taking a sponge and I am going to use the Kraze FX oceanic split cake. I am going to sponge a semi-circle on the forehead, and then go around the eyes, to form a mask.

What I like to do, is once I've gotten a background on there, is to flip my sponge and sponge on the stencil. I'm using this snowflake sphere. Now I'll be using the stencil to add some more snowflakes below the eyes.

Then, I will add a little penguin stencil from Ooh Stencils right in the middle of the forehead. Before I do that, I'll take one of these little mops, get a little white on there to add his little belly. So I do that before I put my stencil on there. For my stencil, I will be using dark blue and the Mama Clown black shimmer.

I'm going to load up my sponge with this dark blue color, and put my penguin stencil right over the white belly. I'm going to just tap the paint over the stencil. Then, I'm going to take my shimmer and poof right on top of the stencil.

Finally, I'll add in some line work to complete the design. For this, I'll be using a round brush and I'm going to make little semi circles around the eyes. I'll also add some teardrops coming down the side. I'm also going to add some icicles coming down the center.

Christmas Face Paint Designs


Q: How do you know which color combinations work best?
A: It's really just about trying different colors together and see which ones work well. I basically just put a few colors on my arm and see which ones go together, and see which ones don't. It's more trial and error than anything.

Q: How do you sanitize all of your stuff?
A: I always use some sort of brush bath in my water, which will sanitize your brush every time you dip it in. I have a three cup system. The first one has my brush bath in it, the second one is a rinse cup, and the third one is a final rinse. I do not clean my brushes with alcohol in between. I also have a spray sanitizer, Beauty So Clean, which you can spray on your brushes and that helps.

Q: Have you tried finger daubers for stencils?
A: Yes, and I will be using that on one of my designs to show you finger daubers. I like finger daubers, but I hate washing them.

Q: Can a rake brush give the same effect (the fuzziness around the teddy bear?)
A: You can use a rake brush, but it'll just be much finer strokes. These are a little thicker, but you could use either one!

Q: What glue can you use to stick jewels on?
A: I use Pros Aide, but you can also use eyelash glue and it works like a charm. 

Q: How long do these take in real time?
A: The first time is always going to take longer. I have not done these on a real person yet, so I don't know for sure, but I would say about 4 minutes or less. But I would first have to practice these designs a few times before I could get to the time. 

Q: What is a dome cake?
A: They're cakes that have a little upwards curve to them. When you use your cakes, they tend to get worn down in the center, and then you have all of this paint on the outside that you're not using. With a dome cake, this will eliminate that problem.

Products Used in the Webinar:

Kraze FX Face Paints in:

Kraze FX Nebula Split Cake
Kraze FX Tardis Split Cake
Kraze FX Oceanic Split Cake
Boomerang Stencil
1310 BAM Stencil
Cat Stencil
Penguin Stencil
Mama Clown Irridescent White Glitter
Mama Clown Black Shimmer
Black Starblend Powder
3/4" Flat Brush
Finger Dauber
#2 Round Brush
#3 Round Brush
Kabuki Brush
3/4" Flat Brush by Mark Reid