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Not every white seems to be perfect for every job. Some are good for line work others are better for blending - let's find out what is the best white for you! sells dozens of different brands black face paint, so which one should you to choose for your kit? This blog will definitely help you decide...
In this quick tutorial, face paint artist Marina, shows us how to remove tough face paint stains, and it's actually easier than you'd think!

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I found many images of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but Megatron is almost not in the selection of drawings face paint, so we'll try to draw a mask of the leader of the Decepticons.
For this Dream Catcher face paint, we will use only a part of the circle, the bottom where the feathers are attached. And I'll be helped by the bright Global Palette Tropical Collection.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among children, and most often, when you work on requests for face painting, boys ask for a ”Creeper." Here is my design using a ”one stroke" and stencils to make the drawing fast and spectacular!

With body paint you can draw not only funny masks of cats, tigers and dogs, but also such beautiful drawings as precious gems and jewels. Only these drawings require more detail and your patience. But they look just fabulous!
Rocket Raccoon is one of the favorite characters from the Avengers in children, so I decided to portray him. But Groot is raccoon's most loyal friend, so in my drawing, I put them together.
Today we are going to learn how to draw a mermaid figure and add to it a cute fish. In order to make the picture look bright, we will use my favorite Global Palette Tropical Collection.
Check out this awesome Light Fury face paint tutorial by talented face paint artist Natalia Kirillova! Follow along with this tutorial to create your own design!

Natalia Kirilova uses the bright Global Tropical Palette to draw a vibrant circus seal face paint design!

All girls love flowers, and roses are very popular flowers, so instead of waiting for someone to give you a bouquet of roses, draw them yourself and become a Princess of roses!
I was born and live in Russia and everyone knows that winter comes early here, so in November it is snowing. Therefore, for the design of my butterfly, I was inspired by snow and frost, which I see now outside the window. 
When you come up with different designs, you face the problem of choosing an idea. To draw something new, to make it interesting and new. The idea of this image was inspired by my earrings with blue feathers.
This pretty, cartoony witch cheek design is sitting pretty on her pumpkin just in time for Halloween!