Rocket Raccoon Face Paint by Natalia Kirillova

Rocket Raccoon is one of the favorite characters from the Avengers in children, so I decided to portray him. But Groot is raccoon's most loyal friend, so in my drawing, I put them together.


Step 1

A distinctive feature of the Raccoon is a cunning squinted look, the shape of the eyebrows and sharp teeth. All that you need to remember to give the similarity to the character. The first step is to use white face paint and a Loew-Cornell (#1) round brush to paint. The lines may be thinner because it is a sketch. Raccoon drawn halfway between the eyebrows and fill the pattern all the space of the forehead. Groot will be located immediately above the eyebrow, leaning his arms on the lower part of the brow. All three images slightly concern each other, the letter A is behind Groot's elbow.


Step 2

The second step is to paint over the face of a Raccoon, use TAG Split Cakes - Teddy Bear and black color from Cameleon. Shades of split is ideal for wool. To make the picture look more natural, mix different shades of brown and beige . Eyes while leave clear, detailed drawing will be added later.


Step 3

With Cameleon #2 Angle Brush and Split Cakes - Teddy Bear draw the head and hands of Groot, dark color left outside. We trace the muzzle of the Raccoon with a thin brush and black.


Step 4

Further, using a round brush Loew-Cornell (#1) to gently draw out both the faces. Draw pupils in black, add shades of brown for naturalness do not forget to draw white highlights. This brush creates sharp Raccoon teeth, 4 canines on the edges create a special carnivorous way. Have Groot adding green shoots.


Step 5

It's time for the stencil! It is he who will combine all the elements into a single mask and complete the image. You may ask - Why did I use green color? It's not for nothing ) To create a color balance, I use complementary and contrasting colors. The picture below shows the colors that are contrasting with each other. And since the letter A of the Avengers logo is red, we can see from the circle of colors that opposite the red color is green. Just green emphasizes that Groot plant and goes well with the sprouts on his head. I use a special applicator for stencil, it is small and very convenient, if not, you can use a regular sponge.

Step 6

The last step is to draw a capital letter A, so that it looks more voluminous, draw white highlights and draw a black outline. Under the faces of the Raccoon and Groot, I added a little shade so they look even brighter. Since this is a design for a boy, glitter is no longer required, so our image is complete!


And some funny faces from my model )

I hope you enjoyed this look! I will be glad to see your designs!


Products used for this design

Global Face Paint - Standard White

Cameleon Baseline Strong Black

TAG  - Red

TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Teddy Bear 

TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes - Snake

Cameleon #2 Angle Brush (3/4")

Loew Cornell Round No.4 Brush

Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush

BAM Mini Stencils Hexagons - 1216


My name is Natalia, I live and work in Russia, the city of Yaroslavl. I do face painting for 7 years. One of my favorite destinations - belly painting, (so great to see how kids who have recently been in the tummy are already beginning to walk, talk and learn to draw) in my collection of 40 drawings for pregnant women. I've won a lot of face painting contests and now I want to teach you how to create beautiful drawings on faces. The most beautiful thing when you show your child the finished picture to see his shining smile

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