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Video: Floral Dreamcatcher Face Paint Design by Helene Rantzau

Posted by Helene Rantzau on

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  • Check out this amazing floral dreamcatcher face paint design by talented face paint artist Helene Rantzau!

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    Bright Dream Catcher Face Paint by Natalia Kirillova

    Posted by Natalia Kirillova on

  • Tags: Dream Catcher, Girl design, Glitter, Global Body Art, Kids, Natalia Kirillova, Rainbow
  • For this Dream Catcher face paint, we will use only a part of the circle, the bottom where the feathers are attached. And I'll be helped by the bright Global Palette Tropical Collection.

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    Realistic Dream Catcher Design by Marina

    Posted by Marina Krmek on

  • Tags: Adult, Arm Design, Designs, Dream Catcher, Marina Krmek, One Stroke, Tutorials
  • Since I came up with this dream catcher design it is definitely one of most popular designs at every party! Big kids, small kids, and adults all have the same reaction every time...wow!

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    Dreamcatcher Cheek Art by Belén te Pinta

    Posted by Belén te Pinta on

  • Tags: Belén te Pinta, Cheek, Designs, Diamond FX, Dream Catcher, Girl design, JestPaint, Silly Farm
  • Dreamcatchers were originally made by North American Indians. These small hoops are decorated with feathers and beads and they are believed to give its owner good dreams. Their design may be a little intricate to draw so I tried to simplify the base as much as I could to make it doable on the job. Girls will love it!

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