Exploding Creeper Minecraft Face Paint by Natalia Kirillova

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among children, and most often, when you work on requests for face painting, boys ask for a ”Creeper." Here is my design using a ”one stroke" and stencils to make the drawing fast and spectacular!


Step 1

Of course, the first step is to sketch an outline where the head of the Creeper will be located and the explosion from it. At this stage, you can use any color, as long as they were not too bright. I used a turquoise color, which I later regretted because its edges were difficult to disguise. A better option would be beige or gray to make it easier to erase and tweak your sketch.


Step 2

Apply black paint inside the explosion, I used Cameleon Strong Black. On the temples and forehead, use any shade of pearl green, I like Superstar - Golden Green Shimmer.


Step 3

Using TAG Split Cake "Snake"  and an Angle Brush, draw a rectangular head of Creeper and its feet. Put the dark green color on the outside of the head to make it look more three-dimensional, and on the yellow center the face will contrast better.


Step 4

Two types of stencils - Hexagons - 1216 and Gradient - 1206 will create a more interesting look to our design, and curving towards the nose makes the pattern look more mask-like. For the top of the stencil I used black, the bottom is the "Snake" split cake.


Step 5

The last step is to draw a crack under the temples, will give volume to the lines of the explosion - draw the top white highlights and a shadow under the crack.


I hope you enjoyed this look! I will be glad to see your designs!

Products Used:

Global Face Paint - Standard White
Cameleon Baseline Strong Black
Superstar - Golden Green Shimmer
TAG Split Cake "Snake"
Cameleon #2 Angle Brush (3/4")
Loew Cornell Round No.4 Brush
Loew Cornell Round No.1 Brush
BAM Mini Stencils Hexagons - 1216
BAM Mini Stencils Gradient - 1206
Sponge Dauber

Minecraft Face Paint Design


My name is Natalia, I live and work in Russia, the city of Yaroslavl. I do face painting for 7 years. One of my favorite destinations - belly painting, (so great to see how kids who have recently been in the tummy are already beginning to walk, talk and learn to draw) in my collection of 40 drawings for pregnant women. I've won a lot of face painting contests and now I want to teach you how to create beautiful drawings on faces. The most beautiful thing when you show your child the finished picture to see his shining smile

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