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Not every white seems to be perfect for every job. Some are good for line work others are better for blending - let's find out what is the best white for you! sells dozens of different brands black face paint, so which one should you to choose for your kit? This blog will definitely help you decide...
In this quick tutorial, face paint artist Marina, shows us how to remove tough face paint stains, and it's actually easier than you'd think!

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Dare to turn the handle on this Jack in the Box! This incredible face paint illusion by talented artist Ana Cedoviste will send shivers down your spine! A colorful Jack in the Box clown nonetheless, this version is just downright scary but oh so good!
This super cool Chicana Clown face paint design by Ana Cedoviste is truly a unique spin on clown makeup! If you're looking for something different, you've come to the right place.

With the emergence of the second instalation of Stephen King's It, we've decided to do different Pennywise looks! Our talented artists have created some Pennywise makeup tutorials that we think you'll absolutely love! Follow along to the tutorials and videos to create your very own Pennywise face paint designs! 

In this video tutorial, talented face paint and makeup artist Francesca Marchitelli, shows us how to create a female pennywise face paint design, from the new movie, It 2. 
Follow along with Mara in this Pennywise face paint tutorial and recreate the It clown makeup, or make your own unique version. The movie It 2 is coming out soon, and this is the perfect Pennywise Halloween makeup!

Hey friends! With this quick and easy tutorial I'm going to show you sort of a 'hack' I figured out when it comes to making clown ruffles where the ruffles are super tight and narrow! Follow along with this fast and easy clown ruffles face paint tutorial!

With the recent release of the second It video, talented artist Ana Cedoviste has channeled her inner Pennywise! This super realistic Pennywise face paint design is eerily close to the real thing - I mean, can you even tell the difference?! Follow along with Ana to create your own Pennywise face paint design!

I am a huge fan of the movie "The Greatest Showman" so I putted on the soundtrack and decided to do a colourful and sparkly design including a circus tent with a little mini P.T Barnum inside the tent. :-) 
It's Halloween! Time for the Scary Clowns to come out and play! Learn how to create an easy and quick scary clown design with Kellie Burrus!
Follow this video tutorial from Athena Zhe to create a Harlequin face paint design!
This tutorial on how to paint a clown face step by step is just what you need to get started! A clown makeup design is a very simple yet fun design when it comes to face painting. There are always kids in an event who would love to be painted as a clown.
Cute Clown Face Paint Tutorial  Clowns don’t always have to be scary, sometimes they are cute too! I thought about painting my daughter like this everyday because she is just so darn [..]