Top 4 Pennywise Makeup Tutorials and Videos: Pennywise Face Paint Designs

With the emergence of the second instalation of Stephen King's It, we've decided to do different Pennywise looks! Our talented face paint artists have created some Pennywise makeup tutorials that we think you'll absolutely love!

Follow along to the tutorials and videos to create your very own Pennywise face paint designs! Perfect for Halloween, adults, and teens!

Pennywise Face Paint Videos & Tutorials

1. Pennywise Face Paint Tutorial - Pennywise's Destruction Halloween Makeup by Marta Ortega Lopez

Pennywise Face Paint Design

This is my version of Pennywise's makeup from 'It 2'. This Pennywise face paint tutorial is easy to follow along to, or you can create your own unique Pennywise!

I wanted to do something different and creative about Pennywise's classic makeup, and also do some reference to the movie. And this is what came out! I know it is very detailed, but I will explain it little by little at each step. If you dare to recreate it, tag me! Click here to see the rest of the tutorial!

2.It 2: Pennywise Face Paint Design Video by Ana Cedoviste

With the recent release of the second It movie, talented artist Ana Cedoviste has channeled her inner Pennywise! This super realistic Pennywise face paint design is eerily close to the real thing - I mean, can you even tell the difference?!

Follow along with Ana to create your own Pennywise face paint design! Click here to see the materials Ana used to create this look!

3. Fast and Easy Clown Ruffles Body Paint Tutorial - IT 2 inspired by PTBarpun

Clown Ruffles Body Paint Design

Hey friends! With this quick and easy tutorial I'm going to show you sort of a 'hack' I figured out when it comes to making clown ruffles where the ruffles are super tight and narrow! Follow along with this fast and easy clown ruffles face paint tutorial! Click here to see the rest of the tutorial!

4. It 2 - Female Pennywise Face Paint Video Tutorial by Francesca Marchitelli

In this video tutorial, talented face paint and makeup artist Francesca Marchitelli, shows us how to create a female pennywise face paint design, from the new movie, It 2. Click here to see which materials were used in the video!