Fast and Easy Clown Ruffles Face Paint Tutorial - IT 2 inspired by PTBarpun

Hey friends! With this quick and easy tutorial I'm going to show you sort of a 'hack' I figured out when it comes to making clown ruffles where the ruffles are super tight and narrow! Follow along with this fast and easy clown ruffles face paint tutorial!

Step 1

Clown Ruffles Face Paint Tutorial

Whip out your detail brush and go into suuuuper squiggle mode, make 3 very very squiggly lines wrapping around your neck and chest.

Now take one of your small filbert brushes and fill in the bottom ruffle area with white.

Step 2

Clown Ruffles Face Paint

Alrighty so now for the 'hack' part - get yourself a spoolie brush, coat it with grey paint, and swipe downwards to make a ton of tiny lines along your white stripe.

Step 3

Clown Ruffles Face Paint

Use white paint on a detail brush and add white lines all over on top of the grey, where the high part of the folds would be. Take black eyeshadow to shade the top of the ruffle layer, use white paint to highlight the bottom with white paint.

Step 4

Clown Ruffles Face Paint

Repeat for all layers, make sure to use white paint to highlight all of the bottoms, and black eyeshadow (even directly under your chin!) for shading.

Step 5

Clown Ruffles Face Paint

I hope you found this very helpful! When I've done ruffles previously it usually takes a very long time due do all of the shading and detail, and this was the most efficient method I could come up with! :D

Products Used:

Mehron Paradise Paints in White
Mehron Paradise Paints in Grey
Black Eyeshadow
Detail Brush
Angle Brush
Filbert Brush
Spoolie Brush

Clown Ruffles Face Paint.png

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