Tutorial: Fast & Festive Holly Design

Check out this great tutorial for a fast and festive holly face paint design that's perfect for the holidays and for kids and adults alike!


img_3385 img_2514



Load the fan brush with the whole spectrum of greens of your one stroke cake. Study the face that you will be painting and decide where the center of the Holly will be placed, place one feathery stroke up and two down.


Then go ahead and load your flat brush with the 3 medium and darker shades of your one-stroke cake and paint on 3 Holly leaves.


Fill them in with the lighter color of the corner of your brush if necessary. With you finger or the back of your brush apply some white holographic glitter in the center and empty spaces if you wish, as long as the paint is still damp. Avoid the edges of the leaves so it will not mess up your fine lines later.

Mix equal amount mixing liquid with the powders. I use a regular kitchen tool; a mini teaspoon measure set for spices (don’t stress over it if you don’t have one, it does not have to be that accurate just estimate the amount). Measure about 1 pinch (1/16 tsp.) gold powder and pour it into your container. Now pour 1 dash Mixing liquid the container. Mix it carefully using the fine round brush that you are going to use; a little bit of this product goes a long way.

Load your brush with the liquid gold and either follow the outer lines close (upper version) or try a modern twist (second version) See picture below?



Apply your 3 red gems in the center of the design and load the dotter brush to add some white dots (aka snowflakes)


Depending or the space and time you have you may also add some gold teardrops to add to your design.

Merry Christmas!