Mehron Mixing Liquid (4.5 oz)


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Mehron Mixing Liquid can be used as a thinner for Liquid Makeup or to create an intense, opaque liquid metal makeup with Metallic Powders or Gem Powders. Mixing Liquid contains a fixative for highly durable, water-resistant application that will wash off with soap and water. Mehron Mixing Liquid enables you to make unique liquid makeup for special projects in body painting and face painting. 4.5 ounce size.
How Many Applications Does This Give?
Use about twice as much Mixing Liquid as powder, depending on the effect you want. Each 4.5 ounces bottle can do hundreds of small applications or up to 1/2 a body.

How Do I Use Mehron Mixing Liquid?
For airbrush applications of Mehron liquid makeup, mix equal parts of Mehron Mixing Liquid with Mehron Liquid Makeup. Shake well to achieve the right viscosity for smooth flow through airbrush machines.

Mehron Mixing Liquid can also be mixed with Mehron Metallic Powder or Gem Powder to form a metallic liquid makeup perfect for body painting. Apply with a brush, sponge or airbrush. Dries completely and washes off easily with soap and water.
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