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Ruby Red Self Adhesive Peel & Stick Gems come in sheets of 49 acrylic gems in an assortment of 6 colors and 3 shapes. The smallest self adhesive jewel is 3/16 in in diameter and the tear drop shape is 1/4 in x 3/8 in in size. Just peel and stick the gem right onto the skin. Ruby Red Peel & Stick Gems really pick up the light and are quite beautiful. Use them like a bindi on the face or as self adhesive body jewels as a ring, bracelet or necklace. Each sheet of self adhesive jewels has 49 jewels.
How Do I Apply the Self Adhesive Gems?
Step 1: Remove the self adhesive gems from the sheet. The best way to remove the self adhesive gems is to slide your finger nail under the edge of the gem and slide in the same direction as the paper sheet under the self adhesive gems. If you pull the self adhesive jewels perpendicular to the sheet, you can sometime leave the glue on the sheeting.
Step 2: Apply the gem carefully on the skin.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Applicators may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.
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