Video Tutorial: Christmas Cartoon

Christmas is here! A couple of weeks ago, a little girl at an event asked me if there were eleven days left before Christmas. (It was the 14th of December at the time.) I had to stop and think, but yes, I told her, there were just eleven days left. I’m not sure where the year went, because it startled me a little to think that Christmas was so close. Since you can still get Christmas requests between Christmas and New Years, here’s one more Christmas design tutorial. I hope you enjoy this cartoon, which is likely to please children and adults because it’s whimsical and humorous.


Green split cake (I used a homemade split with TAG light green and medium green)
Diamond FX or Wolfe white
Diamond FX or Wolfe black
Paradise red
TAG blue
TAG yellow
#1 or #2 round brush
#5 round brush
3/4- or 1-inch flat brush
Round sponge (optional for making yellow circle)

You’ll pick up speed as you practice this design, and you can add or subtract elements to fit the event you’re face painting at. I hope you generate a few chuckles with it during your Christmas gigs.

Merry Christmas!

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