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When we talk about face painting, rainbow is always in the first in the list of themes that are in demand. Ask any face painter to paint a rainbow and they will surely oblige.

So, we had a chance to run a Rainbow Design Contest this July and we got lots of beautiful entries from artists all over the world. But, one design got the attention of our judge and we got to know more about the winner today!

A Rainbow Fairytail Dream

"I was thinking about rainbows when I realized that in real life they are always in rainy and grey days. So I wanted to create my idyllic place where rainbows are in harmony with the landscape. I took some references on the Internet. I search some princess castles on it and I was inspired by them."

According to our judge, the design was beautifully done, and it embodied the theme nicely. She felt compelled to look at it over and over as she enjoyed the details she had added to it.

The Artist Behind the Design

Marta Ortega López is a professional makeup artist, face and body painter from Spain. She started face painting as a hobby way back in 2015. Then, she studied in a makeup school the year after. 

You may check out her work in her website and social media.




Contest Winners


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  • Fix it, thank you, Marta!

    FP Admin on
  • Thank you so much for this article!! :DD

    I would like to point out a typo. I started in 2015, not in 2005 (and in 2005 I was only 12 years old!!! :P).
    Thank you so much, again!!! Greetings from Spain!

    Marta Ortega Lopez on

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