She Devil Face Paint by Kellie Burrus

A She Devil is a great design for any time of year. Women and girls will love to feel feminine and scary with this design.

Step 1: Use a large round brush and bright red face paint to sketch and lay out a she devil mask complete with horns.

Step 2: Use a medium round brush and black to add eye brows and eye liner over entire lid.

Step 3: Sponge on some orange in areas that need highlight; the forehead, on top of cheek bones and bridge of nose.

Step 4: Use a round brush and a soft black to outline and shade the mask and begin to define and shade the horns. Use white to enhance highlights down the length of the horns, right above the inner brows, bridge of nose and cheek bones.

Step 5: Use a small round brush to outline the design and horns with black and paint lower lashes. Add some glitter and lipstick.

Step 6: With a round brush, add some blood dripping from the sides. Use a round brush and silver metallic paint to add some dots along some of the lower lashes and inner corners of eyes- and you’re done! 

Materials Used:

Mehron Paradise Beach Berry
Graftobian Silver
Mehron Paradise Black
Mehron Paradise White
FAB Orange Tiger
Loew-Cornell Round #6
Loew-Cornell Round #8
Loew-Cornell Round #2
Paint Pal Pretty Petal 3/16" Brush (also available in Classic Brush Set)

Always Wicked Pink Sponge
Mama Clown Iridescent Glitter

She Devil Face Paint Design