Sexy She-Devil Design by Natalia Malley

Feeling a little devilish?  This sexy She-Devil design is sure to seduce all the naughty boys this Halloween!

Products Used:

FAB Glitter Gold

FAB Nut Brown Shimmer

Kabuki Brush

Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Palette

Makeup Brushes

FAB Red Rage

Loew-Cornell Round #1 brush

Home-made Horns

Pros-aide Adhesive


Step 1: Apply the base

This step is optional, but adds a mystical effect to the overall look. Using a Kabuki brush and FAB Glitter Gold, apply a light coat of gold evenly all around the face.  


Step 2: Contouring and Eye Shadow

Using FAB Nut Butter Brown or FAB Bronze with a Kabuki brush, create some contouring below the cheekbones, at the jaw line, and in the center of the forehead to add dimension.  Using Elisa Griffith's Color Me Pro Powders, I began by applying a bronze eyeshadow to the upper outer eyelid and began applying a dark red all around the eyes.


Step 3: Dramatic eye makeup and lips

I ended up using Elisa Griffith's black eye shadow to create a cat-like shape around the model's eyes.  I created a sharp edge of the red eye shadow on the upper lid at a 45 degree angle, and then blended it on the bottom of the eyes into brown and then let it fade.  I liked the contrast of the sharp edge on the upper eye to the soft gradual fade on the lower eye.  Using FAB Red Rage as a base to the lips, let it dry completely, and then add bronze eye shadow as well as a little bit of black eye shadow to the lips to make the colors cohesive with the eye design. 


Step 4: Paint the veins

Using a very small round brush and FAB Red Rage, paint wavy vein-like lines coming from the bottom of the eyes.  This will give your She-Devil look a creepy edge that's sure to evoke a reaction.


Step 5: Apply the Horns

I pre-made these horns in anticipation of creating this design. The whole process took only a few minutes, but needed a couple of days to dry.  Using Model Magic sculpting clay, I formed the horns with my hands and let them dry overnight.  The next day I painted them with gold acrylic craft paint, let dry and then rubbed with black acrylic craft paint to add a weathered look. I let them dry overnight again, and then they were ready to use.  I adhered them using Pros-Aide glue by applying the glue to the flat bottom edges of the horns and then waiting a couple of minutes until the glue was clear and tacky before adhering them to her forehead.  


Voila! You have a simple but sexy She-Devil look that any slightly naughty girl would love to wear!


Natalia Malley is the owner and lead artist of Peace Love and Paint LLC in the Washington DC metro area. She has been face painting for about 10 years, has won numerous face painting competitions and has been published in several face and body art magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette, QMagazine, FABAIC Magazine and Silly Farm Newsletter.