On the Job Sports Design by Marina

Sports designs are very popular so I wanted to share my really fast on the job one, because when the line is big we don't have time to paint designs that are more elaborate and time consuming.


Step 1

Choose colors of the flag or the team your representing. I didn't have German flag colors so for this one i switched places of yellow and orange in global Mexico fun stroke. With a flat 3/4 brush paint diagonally two strokes as shown.


Step 2

In this step we are painting footballs, of course in same place you can substitute any other ball depending on the sport. First I use a dauber and white paint to make the ball background, then with soccer ball stencil and black Starblend create the ball. Starblend powder paints are really life savers when paint is still wet. You don't have to be afraid that paint will smudge or leak under the stencil.


Step 3

So here I had in mind some swirls and teardrops to make this more of a mask design, but my model had some other ideas. He wanted a goal because what is football without goal? This happens all the time on the job, kids have their own special ideas and requests, don't be stressed! Just paint and play along.

For other spots you could paint a baseball home plate, an American football goal, or a hockey puck. With a BAM stencil and black Starblend I've painted brick wall to fill up the empty space.


Step 4

After we painted the goal, he said that he wants fire coming out of the balls. So I used the Global Mexico cake and a 3/8 flat brush to create fire. His face and thumbs up are saying everything! I hope this will help you on those busy days.

Product used

Global Mexico

3/4" Flat Brush, and 3/8 Flat Brush

Round Brush No. 4

Diamond FX White

Diamond FX Black

Mehron Starblend Black

Brick Stencil

Soccer Ball Stencil

Here's some product links for other sports and teams

Tattoo Pro Sports Stencil Set

BAM PAX Spirit Stencil Set

Other Sports Stamps & Stencils

One Stroke Cakes


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!