Video: How To Keep Your Face Paint Kit Hygienic by Kellie

An excellent face painter should know how to keep their kits hygienic. If you're planning to be one, Kellie Burrus will be sharing her tips on how to keep them clean!

Also, Kellie will be telling us the products she uses to clean her face paint kit.

Being a face painter, it's really important that your paints are clean and hygienic. A few ways you can do that is using a nice Brush Bath. I love the Silly Farm Brush Bath! Not only does it clean and sanitize, but when I stir my brushes around in the bath that I have made for it, it takes the paint off really nicely.

Clean a brush after every use. Also make sure that you're not using brushes on the lips and then putting it back into the paint pot.

Another thing is, if the paint is wet, it's a good idea to leave the cap off and just let it air dry. This way, it doesn't become a little petri dish when you stick the cap back on.

You also don't want to overuse sponges. You use it a few times, you put it away, and you use a nice fresh one. You can get a product called Beauty So Clean. I always have this and I love to keep this out so that everyone feels especially comfortable about the paints I'm using. And you spritz it right onto your paints and it disinfects and sanitizes. You can also spritz it right onto your sponges, and smells nice too!

Products Used in the Video:

Brush Bath
Beauty So Clean


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