Frozen Monthly Challenge

Winter is now taking its last dance and spring is just around the corner. But, Winter left with a blast because of our wonderful Frozen Design Contest entries! They sure are cool (pun intended).


Our Frozen Contest in Instagram was a huge success! We receive a lot of awesome entries that deserve lots of praise! Our followers are indeed creative and passionate when it comes to their face paint art!

Now, let’s meet our winners!

Judge’s Pick Winner – Laura Hoyos


Laura Hoyos (@Lauramhoys)

Laura’s design is out of this world, literally. She did a great job creating the illusion of being under the cold hard ice. This design was different from any of the other ones that were entered. Creating the illusion of being frozen like ice is very difficult to do, but she was able to pull it off so effectively. The vibrant blues and well placed highlights and shadows placed her design above the rest.

It took Laura 2 hours to create this design using various face paint brands like Wolfe FX, Mehron Paradise, FAB, and Global! Check out below how she did the design:

“For this frozen designs I wanted to create a character that seemed frozen, an underworld princess that arouse from the coldest waters of the oceans. I looked at different frozen lakes/ water ponds and got my idea from there.

I used sponging and a thin #1 brush. I first did a white base using paradise white and Fab glitter white. Than I used different kinds of blues and stippled and mixed the different shades of blues as I went. I created the lines and divided the parts with a thin brush.

Laura has been face painting for 2 years and professionally for one year! She has a business called Paint 2 Smile! Go on and visit her website for more awesome designs and for bookings! She’s also an avid customer! :)

Voters’ Pick Winner – Lei Parnes Dela Torre


Lei Parnes Dela Torre (@Wink818)

The entry with the highest number of likes is Lei’s Ice Queen. No wonder! This look could easily be used in a Chronicles of Narnia-ish movie! She is clearly a master of blending. Her eye shadow and contour is spot on. The black on the lips makes her seem quite frightening, but the rest of the design makes her look beautiful. Those two elements combined creates an intriguing look that is both elegant and mysterious.

Lei used a variety of products from KatVonD, Snazaroo, Kryolan, NYX Cosmetics, and took about 5 HOURS TO FINISH! She’s got patience and dedication! Read on to know how she did it.

“I wanted to create my own version of an ice queen that resembles like a fae and quite ethereal looking. So its heavily inspired by those two aspects.

Heavy contouring is done on my character. I want her to look sharp and very chiseled. I love the idea of making her bald with the crown embedded in her head so I used the saran wrap technique since I don’t have a bald cap available. The icicle crown is made of hot glue painted with silver acrylic.”

Lei is face painting for a hobby! So, follow her instagram for more awesome designs – @wink818

Special Mentions Go to…


Belinda Wurmitzer @bodypaintingbelindawurmitzer

Her design is lovely because of the attention to detail in the face of the character. Dots, starbursts, and glitter really add to the design and make it feel “frozen” themed. The pink lip adds a beautiful pop of color.


This sugar skull is beautiful because of the incredible symmetry, great blending technique and lovely deep blue color.


Monica Braathu @glade_ansikter

Incorporating both flowers and a tiger into a frozen theme is difficult, but she did it so seamlessly. Overall, it is just a well executed and unique design.

Thank you everyone! 

We would like to thank every one who joined our contest! We know how much work you all gave to your designs for our Frozen Contest and we appreciate all of you sharing your passion with us! Hope to see you all in our Valentine’s Day Design Contest!

Happy Face Painting!