Cat Lace Mask Design Tutorial



Sillyfarm one stroke artycake cupcake

Wolfe black

Wolfe white

Wolfe skinz ebony

Amerikan Bodypaint liquid bling silver

2 medium round clear crystal

1 big heart shaped clear or pink crystal

10” long Thick nylon thread such as Fishing line

Glitter Mama Clown black rainbow

Flat brush ½”

Round Brush Majestic #1

a craft Rake Brush (alternatively a Fan Brush such as Mark Reid Signature)

Round brush #4 such as Mehron Mark Reid Signature

Kryolan Pros-Aide skin adhesive

Optional (to cover your eyebrows);

Elmer’s school glue stick

Loose or compact body powder



Begin with the coverage of your eyebrows. Comb your brows in the direction of their hair growth. Coat them in a layer of body powder. Now apply a layer of glue. Apply powder again until it is not sticky anymore (repeat 2-3 times until your brows are blended in and the surface feel smooth, last coat must be powder). This step is only necessary if your eyebrows are rather thick, like mine. You certainly can use the face paint and liquid bling directly on the brow, yet the result is cleaner and holds up longer with this step.


With white facepaint and a round brush #1 roughly draft how your mask is going to look and where it will be placed.


Then you go ahead and load only the 3 darker shade of your one stroke cake with a ½” flat brush. Outline around the eyes with the darkest shade (the metallic black) towards the eyes. Reload when needed and outline the cheeks with the dark metallic on the outer corner. Fill the spaces with the darkest red of the cake (hint; use the leftover dark red paint on the inner corner of the brush ).

Apply black rainbow glitter as long as the paint is still damp. I applied glitter on the back of my nose, outer corner of my eyes and just a bit on the cheeks.

Clean the brush and load with Wolfe black face paint. If this is your only cake, leave a nice part of your cake dry, you will need it somewhat dry for the lace later. Add the cat ears and connect between the ears. Then follow the outer lines of the metallic black of the mask to give more depth. Rinse the brush it’s no longer needed for this design.

Using your (dry!) Rake brush try to pick up paint that is rather on the dry side and paint a fine net on the top part of the mask. Then load a round brush #1 and load with black paint, roll the brush in a irregular pattern to make it look like lace.


Now for the details;

You may want to paint a shadow with watered down Wolfe Ebony where naturally shadow would appear if you were to wear a real mask. I used a round brush #4 for this.

With a round brush #1 and Wolfe black paint on tiny loops and dots around all edges to add interest to the lace. Try not to be too neat about it so that you get a realistic impression of lace.

With a round brush #4 and Wolfe Black paint on “fur” on the cheeks, using shorter strokes at the inner and outer edge of the mask.


Then you line up dots of silver liquid bling around the mask eyes like little jewels. Start with smaller dots on the inner eye and let them get bigger as you come to the outer corner.


Use pros-Aide skin glue to apply to medium jewels on the ears and the whiskers on the back of the nose, make sure that you apply the whiskers side by side and not on top of each other. Apply more skin glue and apply the big heart crystal jewel.