Brilliant Birthday Bling Mask Tutorial

I called this a birthday bling mask because I created it for an Inspiration to Paint birthday mask challenge, but actually you could use it as a colorful mask for any occasion. It’s four primarily parts are the base, the stenciled textures, the teardrops, and the bling cluster, and you can easily adapt it to fit any child’s favorite color choices.


Large pink split cake (for base)
Large rainbow split cake
White face paint
BAM stencil with dots
BAM stencil with stars
#5 round brush
Always wicked butterfly sponge
• Half round sponge
Bling cluster or gems
Skin-safe adhesive
Liquid bling
Cosmetic grade glitter


Before you get started, prepare your gem cluster by applying skin-safe adhesive to the back so it can dry and become tacky. While I used a homemade pearl white to dark pink split cake for this design, any split cake which goes from a light color to a dark color will work well. (Make sure the dark color is on the outside of the design.) Load your Wicked butterfly sponge with the lightest color on the tip and pat it over the eye area. Clean up any uneven edges with a wet wipe.

If you’re adding pink glitter to the background, you can do that right now while the face painting is still damp.

Load your half-round sponge from your favorite rainbow split cake and apply over the top of your BAM dot stencil over one eyebrow and under the opposite eye. Make sure to leave a space for your gem cluster which will be in the center of the forehead. The adhesive sticks better to skin than to face paint.

Change stencils to your favorite star stencil and again use the sponge loaded from the rainbow split cake to add stars above one eye and below the opposite eye.

Press your bling cluster in place on the center of the forehead.

Load your #5 round brush and carefully place teardrops around the design. Look for empty places, and fill them in with dots or smaller teardrops.

As an extra touch, add an outline with liquid bling, and enjoy the smiles from the child in your chair.

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