10% OFF on Pixie Paint Glitter Gels from Amerikan Body Art!



Happy New Year! After the winter cold, most of us are beginning to get back on their hot and busy face painting schedule as Valentine’s Day approaches! We, at, have a lot of surprises for you this year 2K17 – especially when it comes to new and fresh face painting products!

First on the list… is Amerikan Body Art’s Pixie Paint Glitter Gel line!

Pixies are Fairies!

As the name suggest, Pixie Paint Glitter Gel is all about giving glittery, shimmery, sparkly effects on your face paint design. Pixies, according to fantasy folklore, are fairies after all.

Amerikan Body Art Pixie Paint is a unique blend of fine and chunky polyester glitter in an aloe glitter base gel. These Pixie gels are so versatile that it can be used on your face, body, nad/or hair! Perfect for fantasy and festive designs like fairies and princesses.


The opacity of the coverage can be easily manipulated by the way in which Pixie Paint is applied. Fors a thicker coverage, apply some loose polyester glitter after applying pixie paint, while the paint is still wet. Though it provides durable coverage, the Pixie Gels can be easily removed with just water.

Available Colors

We have eleven (11) Pixie Paint Glitter Gel colors – Abracadabra, Blue Monday, Labyrinth, Xanadu, Pretty In Pink,  Lucky Star, True Colors, Midnight Blue, Halloween, Little Red Corvette, and Purple Rain. Each 1 oz jar is available at $6.99.




Little Red Corvette

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Want to see why we are all excited about these Pixie magic? Watch the videos below!