Polyester Glitter

Apply glitter cosmetics over your face paint design for extra sparkle and glam. Choices are many among high quality glitter from Amerikan Body Art, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Ruby Red, Diamond FX and Art Factory. In addition to fine polyester glitter, there are large cut chunky glitter from Art Factory and Amerikan Body Art which are great for glitter chests or glitter roots.


Fusion Body Art Glitter - Magic Pixie Dust (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Stardust Shimmer (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Unicorn Sparkles (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
VIVID Glitter Heaven Chunky Glitter Mix $5.99
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Blue Diamonds (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Golden Stars (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Art Factory Chunky Glitter - Vegas $5.48 - $10.38
Mama Clown Iridescent Poofable Glitter - Fruit Punch (1 oz/28 gm) $5.00
VIVID Glitter White Hologram Glitter Stackable $3.99
VIVID Glitter Midnight Glitter Stackable $3.99
VIVID Glitter Ignite UV Chunky UV Glitter Mix $5.99
Fusion Body Art Glitter - Butterfly Wings (10 gm/0.35 oz) $7.00
Amerikan Body Art Glitter Holographic Treasure - Semi-Sheer (0.5 oz) $4.00
VIVID Glitter Perfect Rainbow Mix Stack $18.99
VIVID Glitter Maroon Glitter Stackable $3.99
Art Factory Chunky Glitter - Diva (30 ml) $5.48
VIVID Glitter Candy Cosmos UV Chunky Glitter Mix $5.99
VIVID Glitter Gum Nebula UV Chunky Glitter Mix $5.99
Art Factory Rainbow Jewel Glitter - Silver (0.5 oz) $4.00
Amerikan Body Art Sheer Glitter - Holographic Lemon Zest (0.5 oz) $3.98