Mehron Premium Modern Vampire Character Kit

Mehron Premium Modern Vampire Character Kit


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Mehron Premium Modern Vampire Character Kits include everything you need to transform yourself into today's Modern Vampire. This premium kit is packed with makeup, supplies, accessories and easy-to-follow "Step-by-Step Instructions".

What Does the Mehron Premium Modern Vampire Kit Include?
- Celebre Pro-HD Cream Makeup
- Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge
- E.Y.E Cream
- Lip Cream
- ProPencil
- Coagulated Blood
- Hair Gel
- Vampire Teeth
- Makeup Remover Cloth
- Step-by-Step instructions

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Clean and dry your face.
Step 2 - Using Mehron's Green Pro-Pencil Slim, draw Vampire vein lines on neck, chest and temples.
Step 3 - Create a thin, even coat of Mehron's Celebre Blithe Spirit on neck, chest, face, lips, and arms covering over the veins. Apply to arms only if arms are exposed.
Step 4 - Make clear "hollow" facial bones to highlight cheeks, jaw and temples, using Mehron's Shado-Liner Black with Sponge Wedge.
Step 5 - With Mehron's Shado-Liner Black, create the effect of smoky eye for female models, using your finger to smooth out black on corners of eyelids. Eye-line the eye and define eyebrows with brush. Use the same technique for Male models, creating a lighter smoke on eyelids with your fingertips. For the male models, less is more.
Step 6 - For female models, outline lips and color with Lip Rouge using your brush. Add Coagulated Blood on lip corners and allow drips to fall creating a blood drop.
Step 7 - For male models, use only Coagulated Blood on center of top and bottom lips. Allow drips to fall a little to create blood drops.
Step 8 - For enhanced look, create fang marks by drawing two small dots with Coagulated Blood on neck.
Step 9 - Complete the look with Vampire Teeth, and Temporary Black Hair Color included in kit.
Step 10 - Add appropriate costume to complete the VAMPIRE look.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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