Mehron Zombie Professional Makeup Kit


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Mehron Zombie Professional Makeup Kit is a complete makeup kit featuring all the makeup and tools to achieve the realistic zombie look, whether it is for Halloween or for a Costume Party. The kit includes face paints, make up, applicators and an easy to follow set of instructions by professional make up artists.

What Does the Mehron Zombie Professional Makeup Kit Include?
- Zombie 5-Color Cream Palette
- Stage Blood
- Zombie Flesh Liquid Latex
- Extra Flesh Wax
- Fixative “A” (Wax Sealer)
- Colorset Powder
- 2 Non-Latex Foam Wedges
- Stageline Makeup Brush
- Step-by-Step instructions
How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse the skin. Cover the eye brows using thick layers of Extra Flesh to add a protruding brow look. Next create a sunken eye effect by applying two worm like shapes under the eyes and across the nose. Use Fixative A to seal the Extra Flesh.
Step 2 - Apply Liquid Latex over the areas covered with extra flesh with the sponge provided. Add small patches around mouth and on forehead. Once the latex is dried, tear holes to create rotting flesh effect. Set with Colorset powder.
Step 3 - Apply Cream Makeup over your neck and face using another sponge. Use Blue and Red face paint to color eyes and nose tip. Fill in the holes with Red paint using the brush. Create a bruised skin effect by dabbing Yellow and Red colors around face and neck area. Use White to highlight protruding areas. 
Step 4 - Add a disheveled hair style to complete the "Zombie" look
Step 5 - Create a realistic effect by dabbing Stage Blood onto the torn flesh and around mouth.

We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.


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