Coupon Codes

  1. This promo code only applies toIncluded in Promotion Collection
  2. Promo code "ART20" must be applied during checkout.
  3. Promo runs until May 29, 11:59PM EST
  4. A minimum of $50.00 must be in the cart for the discount to be applied.
  5. Code can only be used once per customer.
  6. Coupon Code cannot be used with other promos and discounts.
  7. Coupon code does not apply to gift cards, custom bundles, custom products, flag sets, product bundles, accessories, and ON SALE items. 
  8. Coupon code does not apply to Facepainting Hub brushes.
  9. Products with the ON SALE icon or already on sale are no longer eligible for further discounts.