FacePaint has a complete line of makeup for vibrant face painting designs. These include shimmer powders, pressed powders, eye shadow and blush/rouge.

Shimmer powder glitter make up is ultra-fine powder that adds a luminous luster to skin. Pressed Powder Palettes are perfect for traveling and moving from event to event or from job to job. Pressed Powder Eye Shadow is perfect for creating beautiful eye accents and are easy for use on-the-go. We offer rouge that has rich pigmentation and formulated to be blended, making it great for stage makeup or fx designs!


Masterson Rinse Well Brush Cleaner $21.50
Mehron Liquid Brush Cleaner (4.5oz) $5.95
Jest Paint Brush and Body Wash $11.99
ProAiir Makeup Barrier (ProLong) (2 oz/58 ml) $8.00
Mehron White Ultra Fine Setting Powder $6.95
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Powder - Snow (3.5 gm/ 0.12 oz) $5.00
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Powder - Flamingo (3.5 gm/ 0.12 oz) $5.00
Mehron ColorSet Powder $6.95 - $8.95
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Powder - Cotton Candy (3.5 gm/ 0.12 oz) $5.00
Woochie Liquid Lip - Hot Pink $4.00
BeautySoClean Wipeout Professional Brush Cleaner $29.99 - $39.99
Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Shimmer Powder - Ice (LX-1) $12.00
BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser $24.99
Ben Nye Final Seal $16.00 - $48.00
Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder - Banana $15.00 - $25.00
Mehron Precious Gem Powder - Diamond White DD $7.95
Elisa Griffith Color Me Pro Powder - Aqua (3.5 gm/ 0.12 oz) $5.00
Mehron INtense Pro Pressed Powder - Off White $7.95
Mehron Barrier Spray Pump $8.95 - $19.95
Kryolan Translucent Powder TL 11 (20 gm) $14.80