Kid Face Paint Kits carries a variety of face paint kits that are very effective in creating designs quickly. Kits are available in a range of themes to get your children transformed to their favorite Halloween character within minutes. Face Paint Kits are great for creating themed designs for kids' parties or group events for children.


Fusion Body Art Unicorn and Fairy Face Painting Kit $33.99
Woochie Kids 3D Appliance - Skull Peeking Out $6.00
Snazaroo Face Painting Palette Kits - Rainbow (8 Colors) $14.76
Kraze FX Face Paints - Black & White Value Pack (50 gm each) $21.60
Kraze FX Face Paints - Gold, Black & White Value Pack (25 gm each) $17.28
Kraze FX Face Paints - Red, White & Blue Value Pack (25 gm each) $16.20 Beginner Face Painting Kit $28.07
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Kraze FX Face Paints - Yellow & Blue Value Pack (25 gm each) $10.80
Woochie Kids 3D Appliance - Green Monster $5.20
Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack $23.40
Wolfe Sugar Skull Face Paint Kits $3.50
Kraze FX Dome Stroke Value Pack Kit (Set of 12, 25 gm each) $104.16
Wolfe F/X Mini Appetizer Palette (6/Colors) - Pearl $8.00
Wolfe Fairy Face Painting Kits (4 Colors) $3.50
Wolfe Clown Face Painting Kit $3.00
Snazaroo Face Painting Palette Kit - Halloween (8 Colors) $14.25
Wolfe Character Pearlescent Face Painting Kit $6.00
Wolfe Skull Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Devil Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Mardi Gras Face Painting Kit $3.50