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3D FX Transfers


3D FX Transfers

Tinsley 3D FX Transfers are latex-free, easy to use prosthetics that give stunningly realistic results. They are easy to apply and blend well with the skin for natural look. For more effects, additional makeup or fake blood can be used. Check out our collection of FX transfers for exciting effects such as Vampire Bites, Cutter, Shanked, Scarred, Stitches, Cut Throat, Engraved, Point Blank etc to name a few.

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Tattoos

Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos are made using latest technology and enable artists to create professional grade special effects within minutes. Check out our collection of Gorywood, Gothic or Day of the Dead tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo Kits Temporary Tattoo Kits

Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos are made using latest technology and enable artists to create professional grade special effects within minutes. We carry tattoo kits for whole face such as Sugar skull, Cheetah or Tribal Zebra, perfect for creating stunning face effects for stage, theater or Halloween.

FX Makeup FX Makeup

Tinsley Transfers FX Makeup Set is a professional quality, water based special FX product to create realistic makeup in costuming, cosplay, body painting, face painting, haunted houses, theatrics, stage or Halloween. Tinsley Transfers FX Makeup is a color concentrated makeup that applies smoothly. Tinsley FX Makeup is transfer resistant and stays smudge proof for long durations.

Teeth FX Teeth FX

Tinsley Transfers Teeth FX is a high quality, professional grade prosthetic that will give most realistic special effects. Tinsley Teeth FX pieces are easy to custom fit within 10 minutes, only requiring hot water, bowl and spoon. Tinsley FX teeth are durable and comfortable to wear. Tinsley Teeth FX products are a great accessory for Halloween, costuming or fancy dress.

Big Mouth Kits Big Mouth Kits

Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Kit is a very easy to use, professional quality makeup kit to create realistic temporary tattoo effects for fancy dress or Halloween. Tinsley Big Mouth Makeup Set contains one big mouth tattoo, FX Makeup tubes and an applicator brush.

Blood FX Blood FX

Tinsley Transfers Blood FX is made using special "hydrophobic" technology making it waterproof, yet it is easy to wash off with soap and water. Tinsley Transfers Blood FX has a special sugar free formulation that makes it non-sticky and mess free. A little of the product gives a lot of effect. Perfect for use with Tinsley FX transfers and Temporary Tattoos to create realistic gory effects.

Safety Info

All Tinsley Transfers products are made and packaged in the United States with FDA approved ingredients for medical use. FX Transfers are latex-free and safe to use on skin. Tattoo FX are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Tinsley Transfers FX Blood is non-toxic and non-drying and is safe to use on skin. The company only uses colorants that are approved for use in the United States and abroad.

FX Transfers and Tattoo FX should not be applied on skin that is allergic to any kind of adhesive or on skin very close to eyes. A sensitivity test is recommended prior to use, by applying to the inside of your wrist and leaving it on for 30 minutes.

Recommended for ages 14 and above.

Application & Removal Tips

3D FX Transfers

3D FX Transfers
Product Info

Note: Please follow the instructions closely, as handling without proper care can damage the transfer, making it unfit for use.

Click here to see image with detailed directions.

How Do I Apply
Step 1: Peel off the plastic with the Transfer from transfer paper.
Step 2: Turn over and press the FX side on the adhesive transfer paper.
Step 3: Cut out the FX pieces to be used.
Step 4: Clean the skin making sure that it is free of any makeup, oil, hair or dirt.
Step 5: Peel the plastic from back of FX and press the exposed side of FX on the skin firmly.
Step 6: Using a wet cloth or sponge, soak the transfer paper. Peel off after 30 seconds.
Step 7: You can add blood or special FX makeup (sold separately) for additional effects.

How Do I Remove
Remove excess blood or makeup with warm water and a towel. Peel from an end and roll off the FX from skin. Remove any residue using an adhesive remover or baby oil. Cleanse skin with warm water and towel.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos
Product Info

How Do I Apply
Step 1: Clean the skin making sure that it is free of any makeup, oil, hair or dirt.
Step 2: Peel off the clear, protective sheet
Step 3: With the design facing down, press the tattoo firmly on the skin.
Step 4: Using a water-soaked towel, thoroughly wet the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds.
Step 5: Remove the paper backing.
Step 6: Slightly rinse the image with water.

How Do I Remove
Using rubbing alcohol or baby oil, thoroughly saturate the tattoo for about 10 seconds. Using a cotton ball, rub away from skin.

An alternative method is to use pieces of household tape to remove tattoo from dry skin.

Click to see detailed instructions.

FX Makeup

FX Makeup
Product Info

How Do I Apply
Step 1: Thin makeup with water and apply with a brush.
Step 2: Tinsley FX Makeup dries quickly on application.

How Do I Remove
Tinsley FX Makeup can be removed by washing off with soap and water or with any makeup remover without any staining on skin.

Teeth FX

Teeth FX
Product Info

Note: Please follow the instructions closely, as handling without proper care can damage the transfer, making it unfit for use.

How Do I Apply
Step 1: Carefully cut open the package and remove Teeth FX from packaging.
Step 2: FX teeth will be rigid. Soften the upper teeth by immersing in a bowl of hot water.
Step 3: After few seconds, remove FX teeth from hot water with a spoon.
Step 4: Notice that the FX teeth will be flexible now. Place the flexible, upper teeth into the mouth and fit to the curve of your upper teeth line.
Step 5: Let it cool for around 30 seconds. Remove from your mouth. The FX teeth will be rigid again.
Step 6: Customize the lower teeth using the same steps above. Pour the thermoplastic setting beads into the hot water.
Step 7: After couple of minutes, the color of beads will change from white to clear, which is signal that they can be used now. Remove half of the beads from hot water, using a spoon.
Step 8: Twist them into the shape of a 1 to 2 inch worm. Place the worm on the back of your teeth FX and push into place. Place the teeth FX into your mouth and bite down firmly on the soft plastic. Bite down firmly for about 2 minutes.
Step 9:  After the plastic cools, remove the teeth from mouth. Plastic would have become white again, with the custom impression of your teeth. Repeat the above for the lower teeth as well. Apply additional effects using FX blood or additional makeup (sold separately).

Big Mouth Kits

Big Mouth Kits
Product Info

Note: Please follow the instructions closely, as handling without proper care can damage the transfer, making it unfit for use.

How Do I Apply
Step 1: Remove tattoo sheet from the package.
Step 2: Cut around the tattoo close to it, being careful not to cut into it.
Step 3: Cut off the white box in the center of the mouth, which will help you align the tattoo on your face.
Step 4: Make sure that skin is clean and free of any oil, dirt, makeup or hair.
Step 5: Peel plastic off from the tattoo to expose the sticky under part.
Step 6:  Open your mouth and line up the tattoo against it so that the open center part is in line with the open mouth.
Step 7: Press the tattoo down firmly on skin. After securing tattoo in place, wet the paper using a wet sponge. Wet everywhere except lower lip. Saturate with water everywhere at a gradual pace.
Step 8: Finally press down the sponge at the lower lip area and keep it without moving for 10 seconds. Peel away paper slowly. Wet your finger with water and press out any air bubbles in the tattoo. Complete your look by applying additional makeup around the tattoo.

How Do I Remove
Saturate the tattoo application with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. After 10 seconds, rub away using a cotton ball. Another method is to remove from dry skin using pieces of transparent tape.

Blood FXBlood FX
Product Info

How Do I Apply
Use a cotton swab, fingers or sponge for application.

How Do I Remove
Remove by washing off with soap and water.


Learn more about Tinsley Transfers

Tinsley Transfers was started by Christien Tinsley in 1999 to cater to demanding special effects requirements in Hollywood production houses with high quality, easy to use prosthetics. The company has created special effects makeup for a lot of movies and started making innovative 3D transfers that can be transferred to skin easily to create impressive realistic effects. Tinsely Transfers also has a variety of temporary tattoos in themes like Gorywood, Day of the Dead, Gothic and much more.

Based on 13688 reviews
Love the shimmer! Good for all skin tones!

The colors are superb! When the sun shines on the skin with these colors, it has a beautiful shimmer! This would be great for anything needing some shiny effects such as butterflies and mermaid designs. I think it blends well. Looks great on both darker and lighter skin tones.

Love this paint! Love the color combo! Love the DOME!

Vivid color combo, and love the Dome!

What my kit has been missing!

So glad I got this when it was in stock!!!

A favorite

This is a shimmery purple combo that kids LOVE!

Me encantaron

Llegaron muy rápido y son muy buena calidad, estoy feliz.

Precisely what I needed

I keep a fairly small kit but really like to have a good number of solid colors available. Because I already have a few Fusion palettes that I’ve used up and saved I was able to fill the empty containers and give myself a nicely sized selection of my solids. This fits perfectly in my kit and gives me the color range I want on hand.
The box is sturdy, opens and closes correctly, my saved containers fit perfectly.

Bright and smooth!

They smell good and the pink is really bright and easy to work with

My GO TO White.

This is basically the only white I keep in my kit if I can help it. Definitely the best on the market.

Wonderful color palette!!

Absolutely love these colors together

4th of July Staple

Opaque and smoooooth! The ombre effect makes for nice dimension.


The consistency of this glitter is amazing. A little goes a long way.

Favorite Rainbow

I love this rainbow. It’s my favorite primary bright rainbow, very much the classic all occasion type. As with any split cake, artist caption is needed when loading to avoid muddying, but the cold in this cake help make that a little easier.

Love these Kraze Round Brushes

First off, I absolutely love Kraze products! This set of round brushes does not disappoint. They hold their shape after many many uses and are just all around Amazing brushes!

Must have split cake!!!

This is one of my favorite split cakes. I like to make my sunset design with it. The colors is vibrant and the paint is smooth with a great application. TAG is always reliable.

💯 buy again

My son was the Incredible Hulk for a 5K superhero race for a little boy battling cancer we painted him at 5:00 a.m. that morning and he ran the marathon and it looked like he just got painted it withheld sweat water this paint was amazing and went on flawless highly recommend this paint. The first pictures are Before the Race and the last one is after the race this paint was phenomenal

Kraze FX Dome Splitcakes

I am thrilled with these split cakes! They are creamy, vibrant, and gorgeous!

Perfect to practice left side

The texture and quality of the board is perfect for both practice and event display.

I love Sparkling Faces Painting Boards

The texture and quality of the board is perfect for both practice and event display.
I created a design of cherry blossom for a Japanese Festival using the arm practicing board.
The reason why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the back of the board gets stained with paint and is very hard to remove it. Would be wonderful if the back would be black and with the same texture as the front.

Love superstar shimmers

Gorgeous with the extra shimmer and so easy to blend.

Love this color!

Beautiful color,, blends like a dream.

Beautiful shimmer color

Love to mix with regular white for muzzles, I also dip the inner corner of my loaded petal sponge with it to get more of an airbrushed look for my butterflies.

for stencils

I don’t use this for my line work, but it is great for stencils. I discovered after many mistakes that there’s different types of whites and this one is best for sponging and stenciling.

A great base to any painters kit

I've gotten Kraze split pallets in the past, I find them excellent. I wanted this one as it's compact and I really like a compact kit. I love that you can replace cakes & they're affordable per cake. Great tidy pallet

Smooth and perfect!

I loved this brush for dolfin. I did not try any other design with it. It was the perfect size. Very comfortable to hold as well.

Mehron mixing liquid

I live in the humid hot Midwest, so I use mixing liquid to help designs stay on better throughout the day.