Snazaroo Face Paint Brushes and Sponges

Snazaroo Brushes have nickel plated ferrules, and are made from high quality polyester filaments to European 100% Kolinsky pure sable. The number of the face painting brush follows this rule: the higher the number, the bigger or wider the face paint brush. There are various kinds of brushes and sponges available including fine flat brush, large flat brush, fine round brush, large round brush, medium flat brush, multi-purpose brush, powder brush, stipple sponges, and high density sponges. The Snazaroo Brushes are a perfect face painting tool for beginner or professional alike.

Build Your Own Brush Sets At 10% Savings!!

Build Your Own Set of 3 Sponge Styles at 10% Savings!!


Snazaroo Medium Flat Brush (1/4") $5.60
Snazaroo Fine Round Brush (1/16") $3.50
Snazaroo Starter Brush Set - Green $3.14
Snazaroo Medium Round Brush (3/16") $5.75
Snazaroo Large Flat Brush (1/2") $7.02
Snazaroo High Density Sponge (2") - 2-pack $2.45
Sold Out
Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Kit w/ Sponge (Small and Medium Brushes) $10.54
Sold Out
Snazaroo Fine Flat Brush (1/16") $3.40
Sold Out
Snazaroo Starter Brush Set - Pink $3.14
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Snazaroo Super Flat Brush (1 1/8") $9.60
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