Face Painting Books

Face painting books provide step-by-step instructions for great face painting designs. Parents or those new to face painting can easily follow these instructions for painting children's faces for Halloween, a children's party or some other special event. A face of painting book can give you new ideas for creating your own design as well. Keep a face paint book or two around to give kids ideas too.


Face Painting Book of Rainbows And Bling By Murad, Green $10.00
Wolfe Cheat Book, Vol 4 Pretty Faces - Wolfe Face Art $10.00
Face Painting Book of Cats - Murad $10.00
Wolfe Character Pearlescent Face Painting Kit $6.00
Wolfe Skull Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Devil Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Mardi Gras Face Painting Kit $3.50
Wolfe Character Animal Face Painting Kit $6.00
Wolfe Clown Face Painting Kit $3.00
Wolfe Vampiress Face Painting Kit $3.00
Sold Out
Three Minute Cheek Art - Mandella $12.00
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Face Painting Book of Fairy Princesses - Murad $10.00
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Klutz Face Painting Kits (6 Colors) $19.00
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Klutz Face Painting Palette Refill (Wolfe, 6 Colors) $5.52
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